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West Allis Nathan Hale Girls Basketball Summer Info
Incoming Freshman Form (Summer 2015)
Dear Parents & Athletes (players please read),
Incoming freshmen welcome to the start of what we hope will be an outstanding off-season for our program. My name is George
Sotiros and I am the Head Varsity Basketball Coach at Nathan Hale High School. My staff and I welcome you to what hopefully will be
some of the greatest and most memorable times of your lives – high school. Our staff enters our fourth season and it’s time to take
another step forward in our progression towards being a great program.
The choice is yours as players to determine your own destiny. We believe we have put together a comprehensive off-season plan
for you as an individual, as well as us as a program, to improve. We have the highest expectations and believe that student athletes
serve as excellent role models for the entire community. We look for student athletes who are good students, outstanding community
leaders and are great teammates. Our behavior and attitudes must be the best and positive at all times and we hope you consider
trying out and getting involved with our program.
Our coaching staff believes that coaching not only includes athletics but also the mentoring of life lessons for the athletes, the families
and the community not limited to but including the learning of confidence, discipline, pride, humility, mental toughness, integrity, trust,
team building and attitude. We want to encourage and promote the model of such excellence with an emphasis on academics fostering
the belief that student athletes can learn time management skills to be excellent in multiple facets of life. We strive to create an
environment where student athletes will enjoy the experience and respect the coaches regardless of win/loss records. They will feel an
ownership to their teams, their facilities and their school and will feel a desire to serve rather than a sense of entitlement.
Time management is a life skill that we talk a lot about in our program. We expect that you balance your responsibilities as a student
athlete. Work hard at school, help out at home and be good kids. ALL are choices and we expect that you make wise and sound
Manage your time properly and you can do a lot with the amount of time you have. We expect that this starts with working hard in
school – do not procrastinate with studies and get it done. Then help out at home – sports and activities should not be an excuse to
lessen the load helping out at home. And certainly make good choices in being good kids. Do not bow to pressure when facing tough
decisions – it is your choice so make the right ones.
Communication is vital and another important life skill which will be invaluable throughout your life – start practicing it now. Please keep
the coaching staff posted if you sign up for any opportunities outside of our program such as camps or AAU so we can track progress
and congratulate you on taking other measures improving your skills.
Keep tabs on the website (www.ladyhuskyhoops) for updates and follow Coach George on twitter as information is always
posted there. Also please check email as this is a vital tool in communicating today.
We have a lot of activities available for our athletes to get better and it is important to be at as many as possible.
All players interested in playing 2015-2016 HS basketball should get involved in our summer basketball activities to give “sweat equity”
to our program. Sweat equity is the ownership and increase of value that is created as a direct result of hard work by the
players to their program.
Open gyms are for current and incoming hale students to come and work on their game. There is no cost for open gyms.
Contact days – Please try hard to make those dates as the high school coaching staff will be working directly with the players
as a team those days. There is no cost for contact days.
Weight room & conditioning are times we will use to condition and get stronger. There is no cost for these.
Youth Camp is a 4 day camp which is open and available to incoming freshmen. You should sign up for the youth camp as this is
another opportunity to work directly with coaches during the summer. There is a cost for this please see the Youth Basketball Camp
Summer league is a tool for working on your game in a team environment and gives coaches a chance to see you play. There is a
cost associated – please see the Summer League Form for this information.
Expectations for Summer League Play
Summer League is an opportunity to work OUT in a game what you have worked ON during time in the gym. Summer
League rosters do not determine the season rosters.
There are 4 things you will ALWAYS DO when you are in a Summer League Gym (expectations):
1. Arrive prepared 15 minutes before game time. That means be ready (shoes and gear on so we can game plan)
2. Treat officials, clock workers and guests like I was standing right next to you. That means you look them in the
eye when they speak to you, offer help and assistance if they need it, and treat them with respect.
3. Sit/stand with your teammates before and after you play. BE A TEAM!
4. Clean up the bench (whether we littered or someone else did prior to us showing up).
A main focus of Summer League for all of you should be defense. Offensively we have a lot of work to do in several skill
areas. Defense is about positioning, teamwork, communication and effort.
Other things to focus on at ALL times
- Support each other from the bench. Understand that every person is critical to the success of a team!
- Acknowledge good passes and selfless play.
- Pick each other up off the floor on hard plays – if one of us goes down, we all go down.
- Pick our opponents up off the floor on hard plays.
- Never show up an official. If an official makes a call we don’t agree with, we don’t react. Let the coaches worry
about officials, players play.
- Communicate with the person subbing in for you prior to leaving the floor. Refs will wait – get this done!
- Have eyes on coach every timeout. Never be caught looking anywhere else.
- Study the game from the bench and help teammates on the floor. Mental reps are as important as physical reps.
- Talk to each other when we come out of games to help each other if there is something we’re not executing well.
- Admit when we didn’t do our jobs (missed assignment, missed shots, lazy on defense) take our seat and prepare
to return to the floor.
Summer League needs to make us better as players and as a program. It is a choice – make it count!
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Coach Sotiros or one of the coaches.
Email [email protected]
Work phone 414-908-1819
Cell phone 414-807-4903
Home phone 262-827-9874
Follow information on Hale Girls Basketball:
Twitter @GeorgeSotiros
Will also be having Spring Activities (open gyms, weight lifting) check website soon for those
Summer League form
Please complete and turn in this form with payment ASAP
Please fill out and turn in this summer league availability grid. What we will do is compile nights which players say they
can make and assign nights for players to play so we do not have too many players for one evening. No one likes when a
program has 15 or more players turn up for summer league games so we balance out to have 10-12 for the most part
each evening getting each player a good amount of summer league opportunity.
All Freshmen games are at Franklin High School on Thursday evenings. .
Place a check below the dates that YOU ARE AVAILABLE to play. We will follow up with information on which
nights players will actually be playing soon.
June 18
6:40 & 7:30 pm
June 25
5:50 & 6:40 pm
July 9
5:00 & 5:50 pm
July 16
5:50 & 6:40 pm
July 23
6:40 & 7:30 pm
The fee is $50.00 per player for Summer League. Checks are to be made payable to “Friends of Nathan Hale
Basketball” and submitted with this page (the Summer League Form) to Coach Sotiros or Elliot Kramsky our Athletic
Director. Form and payment for Summer League can also be mailed to Coach Sotiros at:
George Sotiros
12670 W. North Court
New Berlin, WI 53151
The fee must be paid prior to participation in a summer basketball league.
As a rule (there are some exceptions), incoming Freshmen play Freshmen Summer ball, last year’s freshmen play JV
Summer ball and last year’s sophomores and juniors play Varsity Summer ball.
Please Print
Name of Athlete _____________________________________________
Date ____________
Name of person paying ________________________________________
Grade (2015-2016) ________
Middle School coming from (Freshmen only) ________________
$50 Cash________ or Check # __________
Player Info: Email Address ________________________
Athlete’s Cell Phone ______________ Parent(s) Email address(s) ______________________________