Real-Time Particle-Based Fluid Simulation


Real-Time Particle-Based Fluid Simulation
Student {Semester, Master Thesis} Project Proposal
Real-Time Particle-Based Fluid Simulation
Andrea Tagliasacchi – <[email protected]> – BC 346
Sofien Bouaziz – <[email protected]> – BC 349
Simulation of incompressible fluids (e.g. water) is typically achieved in either the so called Eulerian
or Lagrangian formulations [1]. Eulerian models discretize the Navier-Stokes differential equation
on an axis aligned grid, while Lagrangian methods directly discretize the material. In this project
you will develop a Lagrangian fluid simulation where the fluid is modeled by a set of particles.
• Implement a 2D positional-based fluid simulation [3] in C++
• Implement an OpenGL4/GLSL real-time rendering system (code framework given)
• Leverage the GPU by computing the simulation directly in a shader program
• Include interaction with both rigid/deformable objects [2]
• Extend your codebase to 3D simulation (i.e. mostly about acceleration techniques)
• Research and implement a possible extension to “Projection Based Fluids” [4]
The project is both suitable for a semester project as well as for a master thesis. In the list above only
the first two items are strongly ordered, you have freedom to extend your project (after approval)
in many interesting directions.
Candidates should have strong (and verifiable) experience in C++ and a working knowledge of
PDEs. Previous attendance of Introduction to Computer Graphics and Advanced Computer Graphics is
a valuable asset.
*references available on the following page
[1] Robert Bridson. Fluid Simulation for Computer Graphics. A. K. Peters, 2008.
[2] M. Macklin, M. Mller, N. Chentanez, and T.Y. Kim. Unified particle physics for real-time applications. ACM Trans. Graph. (Proc. SIGGRAPH), 2014.
[3] Miles Macklin and Matthias Muller.
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[4] S.Bouaziz, S.Martin, T.Liu, L.Kavan, and M.Pauly. Projective dynamics: Fusing constraint projections for fast simulation. ACM Trans. Graph. (Proc. SIGGRAPH), 2014.