full pesach schedule


full pesach schedule
COMPLETE Pesach Schedule 5775/2015
Please Take Advantage of the Many Learning Opportunities. In particular, we will
have the pleasure of hearing from “the next generation” of young, aspiring
Talmidei Chachomim in the LINK community.
1. Please wait at least until 9:30 pm to eat any Chametz. If you so desire, you may call 310-927-1853 to confirm
that chametz has been bought back.
2. ** See Halachic Primer for Further Elucidation
Thursday night, April 2nd
**Bedikas Chometz - after 8:00 pm
Friday, April 3, Erev Yom Tov/Erev Shabbos:
**Fast of the First Born begins (it is customary to hear a siyum)
6:15am, 7am & 8:15am
Shacharis (Siyum after all three Shacharis for those interested parties.)
Final Eating of Chometz – Lenient 10:50am (GRA); Strict 10:27am (MA)
Burning and Selling Chometz - Lenient 11:53am (GRA); Strict 11:42am (MA)
Midday (Chatzos) (No haircuts, laundry, shaving etc. should be done after)
Early Mincha
Candle lighting
Krias Shema / Kiddush should not start before 7:46pm
**Midnight (chatzos-latest time to eat Afikomen)
Shabbos, April 4th, 1st day Yom Tov
Halachic Highlights of Pesach with Rabbi Brander
Shacharis [9:47am Latest Shema] followed by QPS
Tefillas Tal is said during Mussaf. This Mussaf is the last time we say ‫משיב הרוח ומוריד הגשם‬. Beginning
with Mincha it is omitted.
The Pesach Shabbos Connection: A Tzeduki Controversy, A Meshech Chochma Reprisal
Mincha (eat Shalosh Seudos at home, begin preferably before 4:06pm)
Shiur with Rabbi Daniel Amar: Will We Celebrate Pesach When Mashiach Comes?
Earliest Candle lighting/Havdalah {within Kiddush}, Krias Shema (& Seder
**Midnight (chatzos-latest time to eat Afikomen)
Sunday, April 5th, 2nd day Yom Tov
Halachic Highlights of Pesach with Rabbi Brander
Shacharis [9:46am Latest Shema]
Drasha – Rabbi Brander
Beis Medrash Shiur with Avraham Tuvia Brander
In- Depth Halacha: Inviting Non Jews and Non Religious Jews to the Seder
Shiur with Rabbi Y. Millman: Is There A Mitzvah To Eat Matzah the Whole Pesach?
Ma’ariv/ Havdalah {begin saying “v’sein bracha” in Shemoneh Esrai}
Monday April 6th-Thursday April 9th, Chol Hamoed
Naitz (Sunrise) Shacharis
Second Shacharis
Third Shacharis
Early Mincha
Late Ma’ariv
Night of Thursday, April 9th, Seventh Day of Pesach (Eruv Tavshilin Before Candle lighting)
Early Mincha
Earliest Candle lighting
Regular Candle lighting
Regular Mincha
Repeat Shma
Friday April 10, 7th day Yom Tov
Shiur with Rabbi Brander
Latest Shema
Candle Lighting
The Deep Torah of Shir Hashirim Through the Eyes of the Netziv – Part 1
Quick Vort by Avi Morgenbesser
Repeat Shma
Shabbos, April 11th, 8th day Yom Tov
Shiur with Rabbi Brander
Latest Shema
Shir HaShirim
The Deep Torah of Shir Hashirim Through the Eyes of the Netziv – Part 2
Shalos Seudos/Neilas HaChag (Food, singing and Divrei Torah)
Ma’ariv / Havdalla
Week of April 12-17th
Early Mincha
Halachic Primer 2015
I. Thursday, April 2nd is the last day to authorize the
Rabbi to sell your chametz. The chametz that one
authorizes one’s Rav to sell must be placed in a reserved
area. Chametz Sale Forms are available in the lobby.
You may fax in the forms by Wednesday, April 1st .
Ideally it is best to process the form in person. For an
important Pesach question that “just can’t wait”, please
call the Rabbi @ 310-927-1853. The deadline this year
will be Thursday, April 2nd at 9:00 am. The sale to the
non-Jew is also considered part of the removal (beur)
Please remember to give generously to the Maos
Chittim Fund to help poor families celebrate Pesach.
Checks can be made out to LINK
Bedikas Chometz.
1. The bedikah (which means checking) should start at
approximately 8:00 PM or soon after. It should not be
done in a perfunctory fashion.
After the house is
thoroughly cleaned, there is a ‫ מצוה דרבנן‬to check the
house once again on ‫אור לארבעה עשר‬, the night before 14
This is not a ritualistic ceremony, walking around in
circles with a lit candle and a wooden spoon chanting
magical formulas, but rather an obligation to seriously
recheck the house. Adult members of the household
should divide up the rooms among themselves and
perform the bedikah. If necessary, mature minor children
may also help with the bedikah.
One person makes the beracha ‫ על ביעור חמץ‬while holding
a candle.
This beracha is sufficient for all those
participating in the bedikah and for all rooms, houses,
offices, and cars which will be checked. The reason for
the candle is to be able to check in hard to reach places.
It is more practical to exchange the candle for a flashlight
soon after making the beracha.
During the bedikah, one should also check for any
cosmetics or medications which may not be Kosher
There is a prevalent custom to "hide" ten small pieces of
bread, well wrapped. These ten pieces plus any other
chametz which may be found are burned the next
‫ כל חמירא‬After the search and destroy mission for
chametz, we are obligated to nullify any chametz which
may remain in our possession.
This is a verbal
declaration which states that we consider the chametz no
more important than the dust of the earth and relinquish
any ownership we may have.
This bittul (nullification) is recited twice. It is recited
after the bedikah on the night of the fourteenth and again
after burning the chametz the next morning. It is
important to understand what one is saying when
reciting the bittul. During the evening bittul, one is only
nullifying chametz one may not be aware of. Any
chametz he is aware of, he has already set aside either to
be burned, sold to a gentile, or to be eaten for supper or
breakfast. The morning bittul includes all chametz, even
that of which one is aware.
2. Going away for Pesach? Those who are going away
for Pesach may consult with the Rabbi regarding their
obligation to perform a bedikah.
II.EREV PESACH, Friday April 3rd
Fast of the First Born.
1. Shacharis is at 6:15/7:00/8:15am and will include a
siyyum . In lieu of the fast, one may particpate in the
2. 12:57pm/am Chatzot (midday/midnite). Last time to
do “work” that is prohibited on Chol Hamoed, including
shaving and haircuts.
3. It is prohibited to eat kosher for Pesach matzoh all day
until the Seder and one should minimize one’s food
consumption in order to enter the Seder with a healthy
appetite. Eating the matzoh with an appetite shows
affection and respect for the mitzvah.
Seder Preparations
4. One should complete all of the preparations for the
Seder while it is still daytime. The Romaine lettuce must
be thoroughly cleansed and then, carefully inspected for
bugs. The horseradish must be grated. The Seder table
should be completely set and arranged.
III. Yom Tov April 4-5th
Candle Lighting..
1. L’hadlik ner shel Shabbos{first nite}/Yom Tov and
shehecheyanu. Second Night is L’hadlik ner shel Yom Tov
.{Havdalah is made during Kiddush at the Seder}
2. Remember that it is forbidden to create a new flame on
Yom Tov, such as striking a match. Flame for candle
lighting can be gotten from the lit gas stove or hot water
boiler pilot light. Some people keep a 24 hr. yahrzeit
candle burning on every Yom Tov specifically for the
purpose of having a ready source of flame.
The Seder
3. Must start after nightfall at 8:01pm. Unlike Shabbos
when we can accept Shabos early, Kiddush on Pesach
cannot begin until it is physically night.
4. The Four Cups
a. Type of wine: The Gemara says that the preferable
type of wine is red wine. However, if white wine is
considered of better quality, white wine may be used. If
there will be people at the Seder who are not Shomrei
Shabbat, one should use only ‫יין מבושל‬. Grape juice is
permitted and could be used to dilute the wine or by
people who cannot take alcohol at all.
b. Size of Cup: The size of the cup must be a ‫רביעית‬.
According to the Chazon Ish, this is 5.07 ounces.
According to Rav Moshe Feinstein, the size for Kiddush
on Shabbos which is ‫ מדאורייתא‬is 4.42 ounces. The
minimum size for the ‫ ארבע כוסות‬which is ‫ מדרבנן‬is 3.3
c. How much to drink? One should preferably drink the
entire cup. If that is difficult, drinking most of the ‫רביעית‬
is sufficient. If one is using a cup which is larger than a
‫רביעית‬, there is a machlokes whether one must drink ‫רוב‬
‫ כוס‬or whether drinking just a ‫ רוב רביעית‬is sufficient.
d. It therefore makes more sense to use a 4 or 5 ounce
cup and drink it all than to use a 9 ounce cup and just
drink part of it.
e. Remember to drink while you are in a reclined
5. With regard to matzah and maror, one must eat a
k’zayit. The eating of one olive's size of Matzah (20-24
grams) and an olive's size of Maror; Korech – the
sandwich of Maror and Matzah; the meal; the eating of
the Afikomen – the final olive's size of Matzah after the
6. During the Recitation of the Shema, before retiring for
the night, only the Bracha Hamapil and Shema are said,
with all of the Psalms and prayers for protection being
omitted, for tonight is a Leil Shimurim – a night of
special Divine Protection.
7. Maariv/Sefiras HaOmer. We begin the counting of
the Omer after Maariv on the second night.
8. Chol HaMoed - During the Maariv Amidah of Motzei
Yom Tov, Ashkenazim stop saying Tal U'matar and
instead begin to say “Vtein Bracha”. ‫ יעלה ויבא‬is said
throughout Chol HaMoed. Sepharadim switch from
saying “Barech Aleinu” to saying “Barcheinu”.
V. Friday, APRIL 10th, DAY 8
1. Yizkor candles should be lit from an existing flame.
One should seek to get benefit from the light
*Neilas HaChag/Seudas Moshiach
2. The Simchas Yom Tov is an old custom to have what is
a veritable Seudah Shelishis on the last day of Pesach.
This is often called the Seudas HaGR”A, named after the
GR”A (Gaon Rabbi Eliyahu of Vilna, who popularized
this meal to show our affection for the mitzvah of
Matzoh). We joyously eat it one more time, chap arein
one more mitzvah in contrast to the inevitable stampede
to the pizza shops after Havdalla. Chassidim call this
meal Seudas Moshiach because Pesach is the time of
Chametz will be repurchased no later than 10:00 PM.
There is no need to call to verify.
VI. Post Pesach Notes
Unsold chametz
1. Chametz which was not sold and remained in the
possession of a Jew over Pesach is considered ‫חמץ שעבר‬
‫ עליו הפסח‬and is prohibited for use after Pesach. A store
owned by a Jew who did not sell his chametz should not
be used to purchase chametz until approximately
Shavuot time when we can assume the old stock is no
longer there. The same restriction would apply to a
neighbor or family member who did not sell his
2. All the local major supermarkets and Trader Joe’s are
not Jewish-owned and may be used right after Pesach