PRESS RELEASE To - La Plata Electric Association, Inc.



PRESS RELEASE To - La Plata Electric Association, Inc.
Area Media
From: LPEA 2015 Election Supervisory Committee
Request to Disqualify LPEA Board Candidates
Date: April 16, 2015
Two candidates for the La Plata Electric Board of Directors have been determined to be
eligible to run for the Board by LPEA after their qualifications were challenged by an LPEA
The candidates, Greg Dubit and incumbent Britt Bassett, had their qualifications
challenged by LPEA member Christi Zeller who asserted they were ineligible under an LPEA
Bylaw requiring that for a person to be eligible to become a director that he not be employed in
any way by a business selling electric energy.
The LPEA Election Supervisory Committee reviewed the bylaw and the employment
status of the two candidates and concluded that neither worked for a business that sold electric
energy and therefore they could not be disqualified under that bylaw qualification requirement.
The LPEA Election Supervisory Committee is charged under a board policy to resolve disputes
that arise regarding elections of board members.
The LPEA Board appointed the LPEA Supervisory Committee at its March board
meeting. The committee members are Barry Spear, Tiffany Parker and Cindy Straight.
Bassett is running against Jim Wotkyns in District 3. Dubit is running against Kohler
McInnes in District 2. The other two races for the LPEA Board of Directors are incumbent Bob
Formwalt against Nicholas “Koli” Kazarino in District 1 and Karen Barger against incumbent
Heather Erb in District 4.
LPEA, a nonprofit electric cooperation corporation, distributes electricity to more than
30,000 meters in a service territory consisting primarily of La Plata and Archuleta counties.
The annual meeting of the LPEA members will be May 16, 2015, at Pagosa Springs High
School, where the votes for election for the Board of Directors will be tallied.

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