Cosmederm Bioscience Partners With Dr. Tess Mauricio, America`s


Cosmederm Bioscience Partners With Dr. Tess Mauricio, America`s
Skin Freedom
Cosmederm Bioscience Partners With Dr. Tess Mauricio,
America’s Favorite Dermatologist, to Bring the Refinity® Skin Health System
to the 42nd Annual Daytime Emmy® Awards
Cosmederm Bioscience, developer of the complete Refinity Skin Health System, and Dr. Tess Mauricio, creator of the Time Machine
Procedure™, are excited to announce their partnership to offer consumers VIP Refinity peels—a revolutionary peel that provides
powerful results without the downtime often caused by traditional chemical peels. Thanks to an exclusive, patented COSMEDERM®-7
anti-irritant technology, Refinity peels provide healthy, youthful-looking skin with no irritation, no peeling, and no redness, allowing
consumers to immediately carry on with their lives. COSMEDERM-7 anti-irritant technology can also be found in Refinity’s daily home
skin care line, which offers powerful lactic acid therapy at higher concentrations than the leading lactic acid brands currently available
to consumers. Because of COSMEDERM-7, the powerful lactic acid home care line may be used on the face and neck without irritation.
On April 25, 2015, Dr. Tess Mauricio will participate in The Beauty Bar at the Official Daytime Emmy Gift Lounge, where she will be
discussing the Refinity difference and performing VIP Refinity glycolic acid peel treatments on celebrities in attendance. All participants
will receive the Refinity Cleanser, the Toner with COSMEDERM-7, and the powerful lactic acid Moisturizer with COSMEDERM-7 for
powerful, hassle-free results between peel treatments.
In addition to the Emmy Gift Lounge opportunity, Dr. Tess will also be giving the general public a chance to win VIP Refinity peel
treatments at one of her M Beauty clinics throughout Southern California. For more information about the VIP Refinity peel treatment, visit For more information about Dr. Tess Mauricio, please visit
About the Refinity Skin Health System
The Refinity Skin Health System delivers a first-in-class peel experience for all skin types, with high potency, no irritation, and no downtime.
Formulated with an exclusive, patented COSMEDERM-7 anti-irritant technology, Refinity peels have the highest available glycolic acid
concentrations (50% and 70%) and a low pH (pH 1.2 and pH 0.6). Consumers who have never been candidates for chemical peels due
to concerns about skin sensitivity or pigmentation can now receive a treatment with powerful efficacy but without the worry or hassles of
healing time. The Refinity Skin Health System also includes a home care line with a moisturizer containing 15% lactic acid (pH 3.2) for powerful
at-home skin rejuvenation for the face and neck with no irritation.
To learn more about the complete Refinity Skin Health System, visit or call 1-800-349-4158. Follow
Refinity on Facebook:
About Dr. Tess Mauricio
Dr. Tess Mauricio is a board-certified dermatologist, graduate of Stanford University School of Medicine, and a summa cum laude
graduate of the University of California, San Diego. She is the founder of M Beauty by Dr. Tess, with multiple clinics in California, and is
the youngest woman to hold the position of president of the San Diego Society for Dermatologic Surgery.
Dr. Tess is a favorite medical expert on TV with regular national network appearances on The Rachael Ray Show, Fox News, CBS’
The Doctors, America’s Next Top Model, The Talk, and The Dr. Oz Show, among countless local TV news and lifestyle programs. She
also produces and stars in The Dr. Tess Show, which airs globally.
About Cosmederm Bioscience
Cosmederm Bioscience is a specialty biotechnology company focusing on the development of uniquely potent topical dermatological
products. Committed to being a trusted leader in the areas of anti-aging, acne, and other inflammatory skin conditions, its skin care
products are the result of years of laboratory research, as well as millions of dollars in clinical and developmental costs. With proven
efficacy and technology supported by clinical studies published in peer-reviewed medical journals and textbooks, Cosmederm
continues to deliver verified skin solutions nationwide.
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