Head of Aquatics - Harrow International School Bangkok


Head of Aquatics - Harrow International School Bangkok
Head of Aquatics
Line Manager:
Responsible for:
Director of Sport
Extra-Curricular Swim Programme, Swim coaches, Development of Swimming in the
curriculum, Maintenance and Development of aquatic facilities.
Responsibility Allowance; Timetable Remission
To develop the aquatic provision across the whole school, ensuring that a love of water activities,
particularly swimming, becomes central to the sporting activities of the School and that the swimming
pool is a vibrant and busy place.
 Manage Harrow Bangkok’s ‘swim for all’, competitive and elite swimming programmes.
 Coordinate whole school swimming provision within the curriculum.
 Ensure communication of swimming programme organisation and outcomes to the School
 Coordinate the maintenance and ongoing development of the Aquatic Facilities to the highest possible
standards of excellence and safety.
 Provide ongoing professional development to academic and support staff.
 Establish and develop Harrow Bangkok’s Swim Academy, including competitive swimming and
swimming for all, for students and adult members of our Community. Maximise potential of Boarding
Students to develop as swimmers.
 Manage, monitor and develop swimming teachers and coaches, PE staff, support staff and ancillary
staff, Sports Assistants, Life Guard and grounds staff.
 Coordinate all Harrow Bangkok swimming programmes: BISAC, FOBISIA and invitational meetings.
 Develop Harrow Bangkok branded invitational swim meets in quality and quantity.
 Develop a swim club ethos, with regular local swim meets and promoting swimming for life.
 Manage the swimming budget and the sourcing, purchasing, maintenance and development of
 Ensure effective communication of all activities related to aquatic sports.
 Liaise with Director of Sport on implementation of swim programmes and long term development
 Liaise with Heads of Upper and Lower School PE on all matters related to aquatic sports in the PE