Miniapple Int`l Montessori-Roseville May 2015 Newsletter



Miniapple Int`l Montessori-Roseville May 2015 Newsletter
Miniapple Int'l Montessori-Roseville
May 2015 Newsletter
Infant Room I
From the Director’s Chair:
News & Notes: Step-up-to-Soccer registration ends
May 5th. After the 5th a $20 late fee will apply to your
registration. Soccer classes will begin Wed. June 10th.
The preschoolers will be going to Pine Haven Farm on
Monday, May 11th. We are leaving school at 8:45 so all Preschool children
who are going on the field trip must be here no later than 8:30. We will go
rain or shine and with more open land the temperature is often much
colder on the farm, so please dress accordingly. Sign-up sheets are posted
outside the classrooms.
We will be having a Mother's Day Breakfast on Friday, May 8th from
7:00-8:30 am. We hope all of our mothers will be able to attend.
Our Spring Program & Kindergarten graduation is on Friday, May 15th
at the Roseville Middle School. Please drop your child off in the cafeteria
by 6:15 and then go downstairs to the auditorium to get a good seat. On
that day we will be closing at 5:30 so that the staff has enough time to
drive over to the middle school.
Our annual preschool recognition day is Wednesday, May 20th at
10:30. Parents are encouraged to join us and stay for a picnic lunch after
the recognition.
Miniapple is closed on Mon. 5/25 for Memorial Day. Conferences will
continue throughout this month - look for information on your child's
classroom bulletin board.
Have a wonderful month!
Lisa & Cindy
Spring is finally here! We have been so excited to be able to take
advantage of the warmer weather by playing outside on the patio in
the afternoons. Please make sure to remember to stock your baby’s
cubbies with plenty of weather appropriate clothing. This month we
have two new babies joining our room. Please welcome both Clara
and Amelia! The month of May is a busy one. We have a lot of
events going on. Parent/Teacher Conferences for our room will be
on Tuesday, May 5th and Wednesday, May 6th from 3-6pm in the
Conference Room. Please make sure to sign up for a conference
time on the sign-up sheet posted on our counter. Miss Marie looks
forward to discussing your baby’s progress in the classroom with
you at that time. We will also be having a breakfast that will be setup in our Discovery Room on Friday, May 8th in honor of Mother’s
Day. It will be held from 7-8:30am that day. In addition, we have our
Spring Program on Friday, May 15th at 6:30pm. Please make sure to
arrive no later than 6:15pm at the Roseville Area Middle School and
meet us in the Cafeteria. Please make sure to have your baby
dressed in pastel colors for the program. Another important date to
remember is Monday, May 25th. The school will be closed for
Memorial Day that day. As always if you have any questions, please
come and see one of us, and we would be happy to help in any way.
Marie, Kathy and Laura
Infant Room II
Toddler House I
It’s time for spring conferences. There is a sign-up sheet on the
shelf by the door to our room for May 11th and 12th. Please sign up for
a time that works best for you. Conferences are optional and only
last for 15-20 minutes. I will be writing up conference forms for each
child in our classroom so if you are unable to make an appointment,
the form will be sent home with you. After reading through the form,
please sign that copy and return it to Ms. Teri.
We will be celebrating Mothers Day on Friday May 8th. Please
come in and join us for a light breakfast from 7:00 to 8:30 in the
Discovery Room. We would love to see you there!
Miniapple has two programs a year and our Spring Program
will be held on Friday May 15th at the Roseville Middle School. The
program starts at 6:30. Please have your child in the cafeteria by
6:15. The infants will “sing” a few songs on stage with Ms. Robin.
When our class is finished, parents are asked to come to the stage
and pick up your infant and bring them back to your seat with you
to watch the rest of the program.
Simrat will be moving up to toddlers this month. She is more
than excited to be joining the ranks of the bigger kids and be able to
work on jobs and be able to use the gym and the outside
playground! We will miss her and wish her best of luck as she moves
on! Nola will be our baby of the month in April!
Remember that Miniapple will be closed on May 25th for
Memorial Day. Please plan accordingly.
~Teri, Ista & Deena
Happy May Day to everyone! Also, to all of our wonderful
moms, Happy Mother's Day. We are planning a Mother's Day
breakfast on Friday May 8 from 7:00 - 8:30am. We hope you
can attend.
The Spring Program is Friday May 15. Please have your
child there NO later than 6:10 pm. Also, please have your
child wear the color blue.
I will be holding parent teacher conferences on Thursday
May 7th & Friday May 8th. There is a sign-up sheets located
outside of the classroom. If you are unable to attend on either
date, please let me know and I would be happy to schedule an
alternative time to meet with you.
As the spring weather approaches, we will begin planting our
flower barrels outside. A list of suggestions for flower
contributions is posted outside of the classroom. Any
contribution is greatly appreciated. Please bring in a LABELED
sunscreen and hat for your child. As the weather gets warmer,
please bring in a labeled water bottle to keep cool while playing
outside. We will be sending home water bottles each Friday to
be washed. This month we will be working on F for flowers and
planting vegetables.
We would like to wish Rani, George and Alice a Happy
Birthday this month.
We would also like to say welcome to Lincoln this month.
But we had to say goodbye to Ian, Brody, Camille and Graham
this month as they all moved up to preschool.
Just a reminder.....Miniapple will be closed Mon. the 25th
for Memorial Day. Enjoy your longer weekend.
Have a wonderful month!
Thanks Ms. Michelle, Ms. Jamie, Ms. Kayla & Ms. Alysia
Toddler House II
Happy May! With summer almost here we are excited to utilize
the beautiful weather to play outside, go for walks and explore the
nature around us! Please remember to leave sunscreen, a labeled
water bottle and a hat. These are all important in helping us keep
your child safe from the heat and sun. Please take your child’s
water bottle home each Friday to wash them as well! We will
continue our weekly walks on Wednesdays and look forward to
many fun adventures!
Thank you to all of you who signed up and attended a
conference. It is always great to get some time to chat with you
about your child and discuss their next steps. Please remember that
we schedule conferences twice per year, but that you are always
welcome to request a parent-teacher conference at anytime! I am
always happy to meet with you.
Soon, we will be planting our vegetable garden that is located
right outside our playground door and we are looking for
contributions. A list of suggestions will be posted outside the
classroom, if you would like to help contribute, that would be
greatly appreciated – the children really enjoy the fresh vegetables
for snack once they are ready to harvest! Thank you!
I would like to wish a Happy Mother's Day to all of our amazing
moms! We would like to celebrate all you do with a Mother's Day
breakfast on Friday, May 8th from 7:00 - 8:30am. Hopefully you
can stop by for a quick treat before starting your day!
Thursday May 14th we will be taking our first “field trip” of the
summer to have lunch at Wendys! The children really enjoy
getting out, trying something new and they learn valuable
manners on how to eat out! If you need another permission slip,
please let me know and have them turned in with $5.00 cash by
May 12th!
On Friday May 15th, our spring program will be at the Roseville
Middle School beginning at 6:30pm. Please have your child in the
cafeteria ready to go NO later than 6:15pm dressed in blue!
Directions and potluck sign up sheets will be posted soon.
MIM is closed Monday May 25th for Memorial Day! Have safe
and enjoyable holiday weekend!
As always, if you have any questions, concerns or comments,
please feel free to discuss them with me! Happy May!
Ms. Sarah
Thanks to all of you have been saving Box Top labels for
us. As an incentive for the children to participate in this
program, we hold a monthly drawing for a new scholastic
book to given to one child each month. Just put the name
of your child on the back of the box top and we will draw
one name from the labels collected each month. The
winner we be announced in the newsletter. The drop-off
box is located on the desk in the front lobby.
Congratulations Wyatt C ., the Box Top for Education
book winner for the month of May.
Children’s House I
Where did April go? The time seems
to be flying by. We are enjoying the spring weather and are
hoping for more consistent warmer weather...we will be
going out as much as possible and will be applying
sunscreen. Please, make sure your child has a NEW bottle
of sunscreen here at school. Also, check your child's extra
clothes and see if they are weather appropriate and the
correct size.
**Our Spring Program is coming up on Friday-May 15th.
Please, dress your child in green. During the program we
will have a special ceremony for the Kindergarten
graduates. Next up will be the Preschool graduation. It is
Wednesday- May 20th here at the school at 10:30am. You
are all welcome to join us!! We will have a picnic lunch on
the playground following the graduation.
As usual you will see some changes in the classroom. On
the science shelf we will focus some of our time on the Life
Cycles, insects, and the Parts of a flower. In Practical life
we will add some new food works and start flower
arranging in honor of spring. Your contributions of these
items are greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support.
It was nice to sit down and talk with all you at
Parent/Teacher conferences. As most of you know I am
taking some time off this summer to spend with my
children at home. Our classroom will turn into the schoolage program and the younger preschoolers will join Jaci or
Aisha’s rooms. All of the children are comfortable with
both teachers and assistants in those classrooms, so I
anticipate it will be an easy transition. I will be returning
at the end of the summer to get ready for the following
school year.
**Mother's Day is coming up, in honor of all our fabulous
Moms, Grandmas & people who have been Mom's to us, we
will have a special breakfast for you on Friday- May 8th.
Hope that you will be able to join us…it starts at 7am and
goes until 8:30am.
We will be saying Goodbyes to some of friends at the end
of this month and in the middle of June. We will miss all
of you and wish you all the best in Kindergarten and First
grade. Thanks go out to everyone, Children, Parents and
Teachers, for a great school year.
We are looking forward to a great Spring and Summer!
--Ms. Vanessa & Ms.Fanny
Dates to Remember
Fri., 5/8 - Mother's Day Breakfast
(7:00 - 8:30 a.m.)
Mon., 5/11 – Pine Haven Farm Field
Trip (Preschool only)
Thur., 5/14 Walking Field Trip to Wendy’s
(Toddler only)
Fri., 5/15 - Spring Program & Kindergarten graduation
(MIM Closing @ 5:30pm)
Wed., 5/20 - Preschool Recognition & Picnic
Lunch (10:30am)
Mon., 5/25 - Memorial Day - Miniapple Closed
Children's House II
Children’s House III
Spring is here and we are hoping for warmer weather. We will be
going out as much as possible and will soon need to be applying
sunscreen. Please make sure your child has a NEW bottle of
sunscreen here at school. Also check your child's extra clothing and
see if they are weather appropriate and the correct size.
We welcome our friends Fares, Ian, Eva, Brody and Graham to our
Children House. We will be focusing on “Grace & Courtesy and our
practical life areas. This is because these areas are critical to the
total development for young children in the Montessori
environment and most importantly they lay a foundation for all
future works and development.
Also this month our practical life and art shelves will be change.
Dates to remember:
Fri. May 8, Mother’s Day Breakfast, Mon. May 11, Fieldtrip to Pine
Haven Farm & Fri. May 15, Spring Program.
May 18, 19 (Monday, Tuesday) we will be holding our Parent/
Teacher conferences. The sign-up sheet will be posted in the hall
(outside the class room door). Please let me know if you need to
reschedule. We will find a time that works for us to me.
Happy Birthday to Inessa & Kai – Have a
wonderful day both of you.
Thank you for a great school year!
Ms. Aisha & Ms. Mary
Spring is here! Please check your child's extra
clothes bin in the bathroom for weather appropriate
clothing. We will be going outside as much as possible! Please keep a
light spring jacket/sweater in your child's cubby for the days that are
a little cooler. Please sign your child up for sunscreen and bring in a
new bottle labeled with your child's first and last name. Remember to
put sunscreen on your child in the morning and we will reapply in the
afternoon. Thank you to everyone who signed up for conferences. It
was great to meet with all of you 
This month we have a lot of events taking place. Happy Mother's
Day to all of our wonderful Moms! In honor of our wonderful
Moms we will be having a Mother's Day Breakfast! It will be on
Friday May 8th from 7:00- 8:30 am in the Discovery Room. Hope
you can make it!
Our spring Program and Kindergarten graduation is Friday, May
15th. Please check the board outside the classroom for more details:
clothing, directions and pot luck sign-up.
Our preschool graduation is Wednesday May 20th at 10:30 on the
preschool playground. After the graduation we will have a picnic
lunch outside. All parents are more than welcome to come!
This month our practical life, art, science and food jobs will be
changing. All contributions made to the class are greatly appreciated!
The nice weather is almost here! We will be planting in our garden as
soon as we can. A contribution list will be posted outside the
classroom for different seeds/ flowers.
At the end of the month and throughout the summer we will be
saying goodbye to some of our friends. We will miss you all and wish
you the best of luck in the future! Congratulations on graduating!
If you have any questions or concerns about anything please let us
know. Thank you to all the parents, children and teachers for a great
school year!
We look forward to having a great spring and summer!
- Ms. Jaci and Ms. Nou
Step Up to Soccer registration on-line
Classes will begin on Wed., June 10th. The cost is $65 for 8 classes
if you register before May 5th (a $20 late enrollment fee will apply
after 5/5). The registration is done online with the Step Up to
Soccer program. If you don't have internet access, please see Lisa or
Cindy for registration material.
Registering On-line
1) Step Up to Soccer web address:
2) Center Password:
3) Follow on-line instructions
If you have problems, please let Lisa or Cindy know.
May’s Daycare theme will be Growing Plants. The
children will be helping to plant the garden with
veggies and flowers. If families want to contribute a
plant to add to the garden that would be great!
During inside time we will be doing art projects
based on plants and continuing our themed days of
Play-Dough Mondays, Watercolor Wednesdays, and
Sci-Fi Science Experiment Fridays. During outside
time we will be working in the garden, playing
parachute games, and adding new activity stations
to the playground. Please continue to check-in with
the person that has the clipboard when you pick-up
your child at the end of the day. Thanks!
Amy Jo
This month we will be reviewing most of
the signs we have learned throughout
the year and getting ready for the
spring program. Those include Colors,
Numbers, the days of the week, Family
members, feelings, songs, the alphabet
signs, and much more.... I just have to
say how proud I am of everyone. They
have been eager learners this year and
picked up the signs rather quickly. Well
done everyone!!!!! **Just a reminder
that we will be taking a break from signlanguage for the summer months.
~Ms. Vanessa
We have been busy practicing our French song for the
Spring Program all last month. The children are doing really
well with it. We are very excited to be able to perform the
song for you at the Program! Last month, we also learned
new vocabulary words for place settings and tableware. We
learned the words for some of the Zoo animals. We
reviewed the words for opposites as well. We finished the
second chapter book of “Les Triples.” If you have any
French books at home that you would like to share with us
for French classes, I would be happy to read it during
our group time. If you have any questions, please feel free to
come and see me in the mornings.
- Marie
Mother's Day
Friday, May 8th from
7:00 - 8:30 a.m.