Buy Indian Act event brochure


Buy Indian Act event brochure
Buy Indian Act
This workshop is a “must” for American
Indian business owners, tribal enterprises,
tribal economic development staff, tribal
CDFI’s, SBDC’s serving Indian business
and tribal leadership.
Learn how the Buy Indian Act can impact
your business, how to register your
business and make your presence known.
March 31, 2015
mA am – Noon
NW Area Foundation, St. Paul, MN
April 1, 2015
9:00 am – Noon
NW Minnesota Foundation, Bemidji, MN
Registration limited to 50 attendees
Cost: $25
Registration closes Friday-March 27, 2015
To register go to:
Buy Indian Act Workshop
Workshop Background
Workshop Overview
The Buy Indian Act rules authorize the
Secretary of the Interior to set aside
procurement contracts for Indian
economic enterprises (IEEs), which
are defined as for-profit businesses
that are at least 51% Indian owned.
What is the Buy Indian Act?
How does this impact Indian business?
How to take advantage of purchases up
to $3000
These new rules include giving Indian
business first preference in
procurement matters by seeking
contract offers from at least two IEEs
and then selecting one of them, so
long as it is of a reasonable and fair
market price.
Simplified acquisitions and a strategy
(acquisitions over $3000 to $150,000
that do not require a RFP)
What types of procurement opportunities
are available?
Learn how to sign up for the DUNS# and
complete the BIA 4322 form and Buy
Indian Act Certification/Representation
Panel discussion with Kay Bills, BIA,
IHS, and PTAC representatives, hear
what they are doing to promote Indian
business, new procurement
opportunities, how this information is
made available, and guidelines they
follow to ensure the criteria for Indian
preference is met under the new law.
Hear from prominent national and
regional experts in the field of
procurement, with a focus on the Buy
Indian Act and new rules governing
the BIA.
Presenters at this workshop include:
Ms. Kay Bills, BIA and IHS
procurement specialists, PTAC and
Indian PTAC staff.
For more information, please call
218-847-9554 or email [email protected]
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