Lesson 9.2 - Mrs. Vincent`s 411


Lesson 9.2 - Mrs. Vincent`s 411
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Lesson 9.2
Goal: Today's lesson is finding the theoretical
probability of an event
 Theoretical probability
 Fair experiment
Use a number cube to determine the theoretical probability of the event.
1. Rolling a 2
2. Rolling an even number
A spinner is used for a game. Determine if the game is fair. If it is not fair, who has
the greater probability of winning?
3. You win if the number is less than 4. If it is not less than 4, your friend
4. You win if the number is a multiple of 2. If it is not a multiple of 2, your friend wins.
5. At a carnival, you pick a duck out of a pond that designates a prize. You want to win a
. There are 50 ducks. How
large prize and the theoretical probability of winning it is
many ducks will win a large prize?
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