PDF - Navman Wireless


PDF - Navman Wireless
M-Nav: Mobile Communication
and Navigation
Key Features
• A cost effective way to communicate with
your field staff for less than the price of a
call or SMS to a mobile phone
• Allows dispatcher to send a message and
navigational coordinates to any or every
selected vehicle in the fleet
The M-Nav offers two-way messaging
between office and mobile staff
for easier and more effective
communication, as well as providing
drivers with navigational assistance.
• Provides turn by turn navigational
guidance when a job is accepted
• Truck attribute routing for main city
• ETA stipulated by the M-Nav can be
displayed on OnlineAVL2 against the
relevant job message
• Records all messages sent to and from
vehicles, including whether they have
been read
• Acts as a Driver ID tool for reporting and
WH&S location purposes
• Apply warning to alert drivers when they
• Dispatch the nearest driver to a job,
navigate to the destination faster and
easier with turn-by-turn directions
The M-Nav device provides your business with a fully integrated
vehicle tracking, job dispatch and satellite navigation solution in
one package.
• Eliminate misunderstandings and
communication errors by using
customisable job forms to send relevant
information directly to drivers
The M-Nav sits on your vehicle’s dashboard or windscreen and
interfaces with our Qube tracking device and OnlineAVL2. This system
gives you the ability to send and receive text messages and route
• Adhere to WH&S duty of care
legislation with real-time notification of
overspeed incidents and easily identifying
which driver is in each vehicle
• Improve back office processes and
customer service with real-time ETAs
and faster invoicing by using customisable
forms to complete job sheets
Navman Wireless Product Sheet
With the forms functionality available on both the M-Nav and Message
Centre in OnlineAVL2, you can define what type of content and which
fields need to be completed before the message is sent to either your
driver or dispatcher, eg. job numbers, customer names, parts required
M-Nav: Mobile Communication
and Navigation
Improved Efficiency and Cheaper Comms
The M-Nav can streamline and automate a
variety of manual tasks. For example:
The Route To feature allows you to search for an address and then
select a vehicle to route to that destination. In one message, you can
send the navigational coordinates and job information to your field
staff. And if your message is urgent, you can use the ‘priority’ send
option so drivers have to acknowledge the message before using any
other functionality on the M-Nav.
•Dispatch can communicate important
information to one or all vehicles in the
field, modify instructions or provide
additional information
•Drivers can receive a job and accept it
by pressing ‘Go’ on the M-Nav to be
automatically navigated to their next
•Drivers can provide status updates when
a job is started and finished, plus details
such as which parts were used on a job to
help with immediate invoicing
•Management can easily identify any
unauthorised use of their vehicles by
engaging the Driver ID solution
Navman Wireless partners with other world leading technology providers
to bring you the best solution for your business. We have a long-standing
partnership with Google, are a Microsoft Partner, and are Telstra certified,
which means you can trust your business with our product. You can even
add our solution to your monthly Telstra bill.
“We have 26 vehicles fitted with a Qube and M-Nav. We
calculated that if half our fleet could save 15 minutes a day
in travel time and time spent communicating with the head
office, that it would save us double the cost of the system.
In reality, we are saving 15-30 minutes a day, per vehicle,
which means we are getting a return of 200 - 400% on
our investment”.
City Hire Pty Ltd
Navman Wireless Australia
1300 GPS FLEET (1300 477 353)
[email protected] | www.navmanwireless.com.au

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