Spring After School Programs Descriptions


Spring After School Programs Descriptions
Design with Tech: Game Design-Puzzles
Mondays 3:30-4:45
April 20-June 1
Grades 3-5
$154, checks payable to NBE PTA
Visual Arts-Artful Nature
Tuesday 3:30-4:45
April 21-June 9
Grades K-5
$156, checks payable to NBE PTA
Learn to create a challenging game using
Microsoft’s educational gaming software KODU.
While implementing the five, time-tested game
design principles, students become the designer
going through the design process as if they were
working for a client.
Journey with us as we incorporate the great outdoors
into visual art creations! We will discover the form of a
bird. Looking at the Amate Mexican art form of bark
painting, we will create a floral and animal multi-media
artwork. Next, we will develop a batik style wax art,
and infuse nature into drawings inspired by Georgia
O’Keeffe. Learn how to draw and paint a detailed bird
in an Audubon-inspired, watercolor painting. We will
also create a beautiful sculpture inspired by Klimt,
explore oil pastels and charcoal, and more this session!
Join us this spring as the earth inspires our nature filled
creations! And, as always, Dress for Mess!
This time the client wants a strategic puzzle game!
Students will work in pairs to create a puzzle type
game in which they can collaborate and strategize
with their friends, as developers do in real-world
environments. Through creating this genre of
game, students will be introduced to programming
and logic skills by creating mazes, puzzles, traps,
and riddles. They will also work with switches and
keys, while building an interesting story around
their puzzles. Future game designers who have
taken the class before will find fun and exciting
new challenges, and beginners need no previous
Kickin it’ Kickball with Ms. Stahl and Ms. Jones
Mondays 3:30-4:30
April 20-June 8
Grades 2-5
$70, checks payable to NBE PTA
Come out and enjoy the great spring weather with Ms. Stahl and
Ms. Jones while playing kickball. Kickball is a game similar to
baseball and combined with soccer. An inflated ball is rolled to an
opponent who kicks it and proceeds to run around the bases. This
is a classic childhood game that no kid should leave NBE without
Rockin’ It: Rock Climbing is Great for
Kids with
Mrs. Melgaard
Tuesdays 3:30-4:30
April 21-June 9
Grades K-5
$80, checks payable to NBE PTA
Climbing increases endurance,
strength, flexibility, and balance. It is a
social activity yet highly personal as it
builds confidence within and
connections with others. “Rockin’ It”
will focus on building skill and
strength while playing on NBE’s rock
wall. Students will set goals, play
games and gain rewards in this
afterschool program.
Monday 3:30-4:30
April 20-June 1
Grades 1-5
$100, checks payable to NBE PTA
LEAP4KIDZ™ offers project-based
STEM programs designed to teach
principles and methods of science,
technology, engineering and math
to children . This is a hands-on class
where students will build and
design with LEGO® bricks. Student
Builders will develop problem
solving and critical thinking skills
while exploring science, technology,
engineering and math concepts.
Paper Crafting
Wednesdays 3:30-4:30
April 22-June 10
Grades 3-5
$85, checks payable to NBE PTA
A hands on class where
students will learn different
techniques to make projects,
cards and gifts. They will
enhance their fine motor skills
as well as their ability to follow
verbal and visual directions. All
this while being creative and
having fun.
North Bend Elementary School After School Programs from Your NBE PTA
Mr. Fladland’s Awesome Adventure Club
Spring 2015
Wednesdays 3:30-4:30
April 22-June 10
Grades 3-5
$80, checks payable to NBE PTA
The Awesome Adventure Club will be part bike club, part
geocaching club. Students will bike to local parks and look for
hidden treasures (caches) using GPS units
(provided) Geocaching can be a powerful learning tool that
involves critical thinking, hands-on learning and active
engagement. Requirements: Students will need to bring a bike
Wednesday 3:30-4:15
April 22-June 10
Grades 2-5
$120, checks payable to NBE PTA
Students will learn the fundamentals of guitar playing, including chords, notes and
how to read guitar tablature. We play songs in different guitar styles, including
rock, pop, folk, country and blues. Guitars are provided during class time, but
students are encouraged to bring their own for tuning and practice at home.
Run/Bike Club with Ms. Stahl and Ms. Jones
Thursday 3:30-4:30
April 23- June 11
Grades 1-5
$70, checks payable to NBE PTA
This is a character building program of experiential learning through running
and/or biking. This club works to build fitness, enhance self-esteem, and teach
valuable personal skills. All kids must be willing to run or bike. A positive
attitude is everything!
Dodge Ball
Thursday 3:30-4:30
April 23- June 11
Grades 2-5
$65, checks payable to NBE PTA
Dodgeball games! Standard Dodgeball, Medic Dodgeball,
Bowling Pin Dodgeball and Body Part Dodgeball are the
favorites in our current classes! Before each class we go over
the rules: 1. Respect 2. You are in charge of you 3. No head
shots 4. Have fun!
UK Elite Soccer
Fridays 1:30-3:00
April 24-June 5
Ages 7-10
$95, checks payable to NBE
The UK Elite Soccer technical
program is designed for
individual player
development. The program
uses an age appropriate
soccer curriculum that will
improve technical skills in a
challenging, fun environment.
The UK elite trainers are
professional coaches with vast
experience in player
Chess 4 Life
Fridays 1:30-2:30
April 24-June 12
Grades K-5
$114, checks payable to NBE
Chess teaches sportsmanship,
good decision making, patience,
planning and learning from
mistakes. Chess has also been
shown to improve critical
thinking skills, math
competency, English skills,
concentration and spatial