Cape Environmental Services had a large


Cape Environmental Services had a large
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Cape Environmental Services had a large demand for high pressure water jetters, a role that does not require
extensive qualifications but is a sought-after skill. After an initial candidate market assessment, we informed
Cape that such a high demand would not be supported by the market; as an alternative solution to mitigate this
skills shortage, we recommended the training of suitable candidates with similar skills. We funded and facilitated
the training of each candidate who were up-skilled and then taken on by Cape. The training courses included:
High pressure water jetting
Working at height
Confined space
We were able to fund the project upfront, take the risk on behalf of Cape, before the contractors refunded the
cost of the course to us. The contractor was able to develop their career and pay for the course in instalments
over several weeks, giving them the long-term benefit of being able to charge a higher rate for their skills.
As we work with Cape to plan their long-term recruitment needs, and have a partnership approach with the ability
to offer solutions above contingent staffing, we are flexible in offering the best value model for their requirements.