2015 jupas - School of Nursing



2015 jupas - School of Nursing
School of Nursing
Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine
The University of Hong Kong
Honours Degree
5 Years
Quality healthcare services require the knowledge and skills of nurses.
Our programme comprises
We prepare nurses to care for patients through every phase of life, from
infancy to elderly. Our programme focuses on a broad spectrum of
nursing knowledge and prepares our students to be competent nursing
professionals. Clinical practicum is arranged in blocks of practice in
hospitals, community centres, elderly care centres and outpatient clinics.
45 courses to be taken over
We develop nursing leaders with an international outlook. With strong
the Nursing Council of Hong
links with leading international nursing schools, resulting in academic
exchange and research collaboration, our students have access to
sponsorship for overseas exchange programmes. They have the
opportunity to study in top universities such as the University of
Pennsylvania and Case Western Reserve University during their exchange
a five-year period and
prepares students for
registration as Registered
Nurses (General) with
JUPAS Code: 6468
Minimum Requirements
We provide interdisciplinary learning opportunities - our students join
Level 3 in Chinese and
Medical, Pharmacology and Chinese Medicine students in our specialised
Patient-Care Project.
English Language;
and Liberal Studies;
educate nurses to develop research-oriented and scientific
approach. The Undergraduate Research Fellowship Programme
enhances students’ learning experience and paves the way for the next
generation of nursing researchers.
We provide our top students an inter-professional pathway to enter the
Master of Public Health Intercalated Programme during the 4th year of
their nursing studies. This programme provides a broad-based training
on contemporary healthcare issues and opportunities to learn with
students from different disciplines all over the world.
Level 2 in Mathematics
Level 3 in two
Category A elective subjects;
We provide a Biology
Enrichment course to
support students without a
science background.
Upon graduation from the Bachelor of Nursing (full-time) programme,
we offer various postgraduate programmes including Master of Nursing
and Doctor of Nursing to expand the depth and breadth of your
knowledge and help you reach your goal.
In the past 20 years, over 1500 Registered Nurses graduated from our full-time
programme. Our distinguished graduates serve the community with passion. They
are professional nurses in clinical practice, education, management and research.
For the last 16 years, the employment rate of HKU nursing graduates has been
almost 100%.
HKU is the local tertiary education institution with the longest history,
and enjoys high standing among top universities in the world.
Our students enjoy university culture and numerous activities and
experiences in clubs, sports teams and residential halls.

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