Ocean Discovery Institute ( generates the spark that makes young
people want to learn and empowers them to transform their lives through science. Young people learn
through discovery. As they use science to discover the world around them, they discover themselves
and their future as scientific and environmental leaders. Ocean Discovery Institute uses science
exploration to engage youth from urban and diverse backgrounds in education, scientific research, and
environmental stewardship.
We focus our efforts in one geographic area, City Heights in central San Diego, working to connect an
entire community to science and conservation. Each year, we serve 5,000 young people with tuition-free
programs, and are growing to serve over 20,000 individuals each year. We believe that these young
people have unlimited potential and want to make a difference. Ultimately, their discoveries will reveal
new ways to protect the ocean and nature, improve the health of our communities, and strengthen the
quality of life in our world.
Ocean Discovery Institute is seeking a Science Empowering Students Researcher Intern to act as a
significant member of our team, and share in our commitment and vision for the organization and youth
we serve. In order to develop our Science Empowering Students directed research project for 20152016.
1. Learn the Science Empowering Students (SES) workshop model.
Timeframe: ASAP
Work with Ocean Discovery Institute to learn and interact with our current students to
understand how we deliver our after-school programs to our middle school students.
2. Develop “SES Workshop Overview”.
Timeframe: ASAP - June 12, 2015
Work directly with Ocean Discovery’s Science Education Coordinator, to conduct a resource
3. Assist in the development of the fall workshop plan.
Timeframe: ASAP- June 12, 2015
Work with the Science Education Coordinator in the planning for our fall workshop. Also, assist
in the development of authentic activities that will generate curiosity, and build core knowledge
for the directed research project.
Strong writing skills.
Excellent communication and interpersonal skills (both written and verbal).
Well organized, detail-oriented, thorough, and accurate.
Ability to work in a fast paced, energetic, dynamic environment.
Self-starter with a positive attitude.
Proven ability to meet strict deadlines.
Very proficient in computer software to include Word, Excel, Outlook,
Demonstrated ability to maintain confidentiality.
Have a genuine interest in our mission and vision.
Share our organizational values:
 Diversity: We believe that the best outcomes are achieved through
prioritizing diversity. Whether it is the diversity of our board, staff,
students, or scientific community, we are committed to listening to
varied perspectives that challenge and refine our world view.
 Stewardship: We believe that as stewards we have the responsibility to
use our resources wisely. Whether we are working in the natural
environment or with our donors’ capital, our commitment is to find the
most sustainable use of those resources in order to have the greatest
impact in our world.
 Learning: We believe that education and discovery are remarkable
opportunities and that every person has the potential to improve their
future and that of our world through the acquisition of knowledge and
new ideas.
 Leadership: We believe that all individuals have the capacity to lead
with conviction and integrity. We improve our world by instilling
leadership principles that include “walking the talk”, challenging the
process, empowering and encouraging others, and inspiring a shared
 Passion: We believe that by engaging in all actions with excitement and
curiosity, we can ignite a passion in each person that collectively will
benefit our world.
 An interest in oceanography.
 Approximately 15 hours per week, Monday through Friday, to mid-June, 2015.
 Schedule is flexible.
 Intern is compensated through experience and professional development attained during the
 ASAP – June 12, 2015