Ondax Appoints Chris Meyers Director of Sales for Raman Products



Ondax Appoints Chris Meyers Director of Sales for Raman Products
Ondax, Inc 850 E. Duarte Road, Monrovia, CA 91016 Tel. 626-357-9600 Fax. 626-357-9321
Ondax Appoints New Director of Sales for Raman Products
May 14, 2015, Monrovia, CA - Ondax is proud to announce and welcome Chris Meyers as the Company’s
Director of Sales for Raman Products. Chris will be responsible for all Raman product field sales activity for
the North American region.
Chris joins the Ondax team after 26 years of selling instrumentation in the Spectroscopy, x-ray and
Biological markets for Princeton Instruments. He has a proven track record of building successful
relationships and working with clients to ensure they have the correct tools to succeed. His work includes
clients across many areas of research and industry with a focus on Spectroscopy and in particular, Raman.
Prior to his tenure at Princeton Instruments, he spent 7 years at Instruments SA (Horiba) working with Triple
Spectrometer based Raman systems.
"I am thrilled to be part of the Ondax team. What a great group of people with extraordinary talents. Ondax
is a forward thinking company leading the way in low-frequency THz-Raman® systems that greatly expand
the capabilities of existing spectrometers. My career has always focused on providing the best tools
available to the Spectroscopist, and I look forward to offering Ondax’s innovative products and providing the
best support to customers across North America. This is an exciting time for me and Ondax.”
Linda West, Ondax VP of Sales and Marketing, notes “Chris brings with him a deep knowledge of
spectroscopy systems, and knows that having the best tools is critical to the success of the Spectroscopist.
Our low-frequency THz-Raman® systems are enabling researchers and process chemists to combine both
chemical composition and structural measurements into a single, rapid, non-destructive method, which is
advancing scientific understanding as well as improving formulation efficiency and quality control. We are
thrilled to have Chris join the Ondax team, and know his support will enhance our customers’ success.”
Ondax, Inc. is the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial Volume Holographic Grating (VHG) filters,
wavelength-stabilized laser sources, and THz-Raman® spectroscopy systems for security, industrial, defense,
medical, instrumentation and scientific applications. Our products enable our customers to make their lasers
and optical systems, smaller, more portable, more efficient, less expensive and more environmentally stable
and robust.
For additional information contact:
Linda West
Ondax, Inc.
[email protected]
Tel. (626) 357-9600
Fax (626) 357-9321

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