OPERA AT JIMBOUR - Opera Queensland


OPERA AT JIMBOUR - Opera Queensland
Want to sing with OperaQ?
Opera at Jimbour is now one of Queensland’s truly
iconic music events – and rightly so. Jimbour is the
only place in the world where you can picnic with a
magnificent sandstone mansion in the background
and spend the afternoon listening to opera!
This year, Queensland Music Festival and OperaQ will
turn the paddock into the World’s Biggest Ballroom with
a special treat – a semi-staged concert of Johann Strauss’
champagne operetta, Fledermaus (aka The Bat) – a
risqué tale of hidden identity, deception, and revenge.
Jason Barry-Smith plays a philandering husband caught
in the act at Prince Orlovsky’s masked ball – as is Emily
Burke, his equally adventurous wife! Their night of illicit
pleasure unravels in jail the next morning, as the masks
come off and true identities are revealed.
A fabulous cast of Queensland’s favourite singers
includes Shaun Brown, Virgilio Marino and Hayley Sugars
as the cross-dressing Russian ‘Prince’ Orlovsky.
Fledermaus is a semi-staged concert directed
by OperaQ’s Artistic Director Lindy Hume. The
performance will be led by conductor Andrew Mogrelia
and feature orchestral players from The Brisbane
Philharmonic Orchestra. The performance is presented
by Queensland Music Festival, Western Downs Regional
Council, Opera Queensland and Russell Pastoral.
For more information see www.operaq2015.com.au/whatson/fledermaus/ or www.qmf.org.au/opera-at-jimbour-2015/
Please contact the Toowoomba Community Chorus Coordinator, Jeanette Wedmaier, to arrange audition scheduling.
Auditions will be conducted by Chorus Master Arthur Johnston with OperaQ’s Jason Barry-Smith in the Empire Theatre
Studio on Friday 12 June from 5.00pm-9.30pm and Saturday 13 June from 10am – 1.00pm. All auditionees must be 16+
PROPOSED REHEARSAL SCHEDULE (Rehearsals are subject to change)
Wed 24 June
Wed 1 July Thurs 9 July
Wed 15 July
Sat 18 July
Wed 22 July
Toowoomba – Arthur Johnson
Toowoomba – Arthur Johnson
Toowoomba – Arthur Johnson
Toowoomba – Arthur Johnson
Toowoomba – Andrew Mogrelia
Old Museum, Brisbane (with BPO, Andrew Mogrelia)
Sat 25 July
10:00am-1:00pm 2:00pm
4:30pm-6:15pm Chorus travel to Jimbour Station (115km, 1h45min)
Rehearsal including Sound Check
Chorus travel to Toowoomba
Can anyone get involved, even if you’ve never sung
before? Prior solo or choral experience or training is
an advantage but not obligatory. So if you’re a great
bathroom baritone or shower soprano and want to try
singing in a chorus, you’re very welcome to come along
and give it a go in front of our friendly audition panel.
How many people will make it through auditions to
be part of the final chorus? 46 adults
Can I audition in a group? Yes you can. Please contact
Jeanette Wedmaier if you wish to audition as a group.
What do I have to prepare for the audition? Bring and
perform one song in English
Will a pianist be available at my audition? Yes. Please
bring a copy of your chosen audition piece which should
be marked up with any cuts, repeats, pauses or breaths
and in the key you will be singing. For this audition,
transposing on the day is not possible. If your music
has more than two or three pages, loose sheets are not
acceptable - please glue into a scrapbook or place in a
folder. You will have the opportunity to show the pianist
your music and briefly discuss tempo, repeats etc before
your audition.
Can we use a backing track? Certainly, whatever you’re
most comfortable with. Please bring your backing track
on a USB, CD or smart phone with an appropriate lead
(to connect with a laptop).
Can I sing unaccompanied at the audition? Can I
accompany myself on guitar (etc)? Yes, you certainly can.
What happens if I’m away or can’t audition on the dates
shown? I would really like to be considered.
Let us know and we’ll get you to send us a recording instead.
I nominated an audition song on the form but I need
to change it - what should I do? Email the co-ordinator
if you wish, or you can just let the panel (and pianist if you
are singing with accompaniment) know when you arrive
for your audition.
I’m not sure which piece I’m going to sing yet.
You can leave it blank and announce your choice on the
day. If you are just deciding between two options, feel
free to say “Song A or Song B to be confirmed”.
I’m not sure what voice type I am. Do I have to fill in
the box? Feel free to write “Soprano or Alto” or “Tenor,
happy to sing high bass parts”, or simply “not sure”.
If I’m selected, what language will I be singing?
Do you have to pay to take part in the Opera at
Jimbour Toowoomba Community Chorus? No
Will chorus members be paid? No
Will there be transport available? Yes. A bus will be
provided to transport Toowoomba Community Chorus
members to Brisbane and back for a rehearsal with the
orchestra. A bus will also be provided for transport to
and from Jimbour on the day of the performance.
I only have a simple folk song - is that suitable for
an opera audition? Yes, sing whatever makes you most
comfortable, including folk songs, ballads, oratorio and
art songs. Very contemporary styles such as “belting”
or musicals, rock or songs that sound best with a
microphone, may not be as useful as a more classical style.
If you can’t think of anything you know, try a song such
as “Amazing Grace”, “Danny Boy” or even “Advance
Australia Fair” - they are all perfectly fine choices.
Do my friends and family have to pay to attend the
performance? No – this is a free, outdoor event.
For more information see www.qmf.org.au/opera-atjimbour-2015/
Can I hold the words or sheet music while I audition?
Yes, certainly.
For further enquiries please contact the
Toowoomba Community Chorus Coordinator,
Jeanette Wedmaier on 0417 743 821 or at
[email protected]
What else might happen at the audition? If the panel
need to know more about your upper or lower range
they may ask you to sing along a scale with the piano.
How long will the performance be? Approximately
2 hours with a 20 minute interval.