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Pink Ride
Join Pink Ride for the First Annual Chili Cook-Off
March 28, 2015 at Four State Fairgrounds
(In conjunction with the Pink Ride Event)
Fun begins at 1:00 p.m. and the judging of the chili will be at 4:00 p.m.
See following Rules for entry.
One time purchase Chili Sampling Bowl: $5.00 each
Judging categories are Best Overall, Most Unique, Showmanship and
People’s Choice awards. Drawings for prizes will be held throughout the
afternoon for our guests.
Some LATE ENTRIES may be accepted if space is available. For more
information, contact Diana Howard at
All proceeds go to Pink Ride, a 501 C3 Non-Profit Organization
Pink Ride
P. O. Box 1048
Hooks, TX 75561
Contact: Diana Howard 903-319-9157
Pink Ride
Official Registration Form
Entry Deadline
March 20, 2015
Team Name: ____________________________________________________________
Head Chef’s Name: ____________________________________________________________
Mailing Address: ____________________________________________________________
Telephone Number: __________________________ Email: ____________________________
Team Entry Fee:
$25.00 per booth (Maximum 4 members per team due to limited space)
I have read and understand the rules and regulations of the Pink Ride First Annual Chili Cook-off and agree
to abide by those rules and regulations and give permission to be photographed at the event for promotional
Entry Fee Submitted: $ ___________
Signed: _____________________________________________
Return fee and registration form to:
Pink Ride Chili Cook-Off
P. O. Box 1048
Hooks, TX 75561
Event held Rain or Shine, Registrations are non-refundable.
Pink Ride
Rules and Regulations:
1. Cooking of chili is to begin no earlier than 12:00 noon on Saturday, March 28, 2015. No ingredient may be pre
-cooked in any way prior to the start of the official cookoff. The only exceptions are canned or bottled
tomatoes, tomato sauce, peppers, pepper sauce, beverages, broth and grinding and/or mixing of
spices. Meat may be treated, pre-cut or ground. MEAT MAY NOT BE PRE-COOKED, in any manner. All
other ingredients must be chopped or prepared during the preparation period. The exact starting and ending of
the cooking period is to be announced by Pink Ride. Cooking during entire cooking period is at the sole
discretion of the contestant. Beans are an approved ingredient for this chili competition.
2. Chili must be made from scratch; cooking begins with raw meats, vegetables and
commercial chili mixes are not permitted.
spices. Complete
3. Chili must be cooked in your designated booth site and prepared in a sanitary manner. No stoves or cooking
equipment will be provided. We will provide sample cups, spoons and containers for judging samples.
Contestants are responsible for supplying all of their own cooking utensils, etc.
4. One pint (16 ounces) of chili is required to submit for judging.
5. A minimum of 4 gallons of chili must be prepared so there is enough for distribution to the public.
6. The chili prepared for judges must be the same served to the public or risk disqualification.
7. Judging will be approximately 4:00 pm.
8. Judges will vote for the chili based on the following considerations:
a. Aroma
b. Color
c. Consistency (not too thin or too thick)
d. Taste
e. Aftertaste
9. We will have a People’s Choice category. Entrants will receive a letter of final instructions following the entry
deadline date. You will also receive a “suggested supply” list at that time.
10. Contestants may decorate booths/tables but keep in mind that your work space is limited.
11. If your ingredients contain MSG or if peanut oil is used please post a warning sign.
12. Entry deadline is March 20, 2015
Event held Rain or Shine, Registrations are non-refundable.