Registration Form


Registration Form
McKinley Springs Winery
Q Showdown
June 12 & 13, 2015 (Friday-Saturday)
Location: McKinley Springs Winery
1201 Alderdale Road
Prosser, WA 99350
Entry Fee: $150.00* till June 1
After June 1 : $170.00* (Registration closes June 10th).
$7,000 In Prizes
Sampling Teams will be provided with sample cups and napkins.
SPECIAL Prize will be awarded for Teams participating in Sampling
See Page 2 for RV Parking / Camping, Event Location, Schedule, and Awards Information.
Cooking Area is 20 x 20 unless otherwise arranged.
A Time of Rememberance
September 26th and 27th 2015, a statewide event is being planned to
honor the families and comrades of Washington’s Fallen during this
Global War on Terrorism. This tribute, being held in the cities of
Pasco, Richland, Kennewick and West Richland, Washington,
honor those who have died for their country and the families left
behind. The 2015 “Time of Remembrance” committee, is leading
this effort.
Please make checks payable (US dollars) to “PNWBA”.
and send along with this registration to:
2014 McKinley Springs Cookoff
23632 Highway 99, #F427, Edmonds, WA 98026
Head Cook:
Team Name:
Email address:
*Entry Fees are non-refundable, but may be applied to a future event at the
discretion of the PNWBA board.
Contact Information:
PNWBA: Christene James, 206-612-1506
[email protected]
McKinley Springs Winery: Dana Andrews
[email protected]
❑ Yes ❑ No
Will you sample? ❑ Yes ❑ No
Are you a PNWBA member? ❑ Yes
❑ No
RV? Size ______________ Feet ❑ Yes
❑ No
❑ No
Trailer Pit? Size ________ Feet ❑ Yes
Quiet Generator? ❑ Yes
❑ No
Are you staying Sat. night? ❑ Yes
❑ No
Tri-Tip Extra Category?
Signature of Head Cook: ________________________
Date: _______________________________________
RELEASE—Waiver of Liability: In consideration of your accepting this entry, I the undersigned, intending to
agents, volunteers and employees from any and all liability for damages, injuries, or loss of any type whatsoever
which may arise directly or indirectly as the result of the operation of the “McKinley Springs BBQ Showdown.”
I agree that my participation shall be at my own risk and expense; and that whatever goods, services, entertainment
or any other lawful pursuit which I may provide or participate in, to any extent, is at my own free will, expense and
exposure; and that this RELEASE is given of my own free will and accord. Further, I hereby grant full permission
to McKinley Winery, the PNWBA, and/or their agents authorized by them, to use any photographs, videotapes,
motion pictures, recordings or other record of this event for any legitmate purpose. I agree to abide by the rules and
Award Payouts: TRI TIP**
Grand Champion: $1000 + Trophy
First Place: $200 + Ribbon
Reserve Champion: $800 + Trophy
Second Place: $175 + Ribbon
Each Category:
First Place:
$250 + Ribbon
Third Place: $150 + Ribbon
Fourth Place: $125 + Ribbon
Site inspection begins at 3 pm
Friday 6:00 pm Cooks meeting
Friday Night: Team Potluck 7:30pm
Second Place: $225 + Ribbon
Fifth Place: $100 + Ribbon
Sixth Place: $50 + Ribbon
Seventh Place: $50 + Ribbon
10:00 am Judges meeting
11:00 am Pork Butt
Eighth Place:
12:00 pm Brisket
1:00 pm Chicken
Third Place:
$200 + Ribbon
Fourth Place:
$125 + Ribbon
Fifth Place:
$100 + Ribbon
Sixth Place:
$75 +Ribbon
Seventh Place: $50 + Ribbon
Eighth Place:
$50 + Ribbon
**Teams participating in the sampling to
the public will be eligible for an additional
prize being provided by the winery.
$50 + Ribbon
Competition Schedule
Load in is Friday at Noon
2:00 pm Ribs
3:00 pm Tri Tip
5:30 pm Awards
Potluck for Teams Staying Saturday Night
Self-Contained RVs are Permitted— RV parking not in cooksite but close to site. RVs May Park Friday Night
Prior to the Event. If you’d like to stay Saturday night, please notify Dana Andrews [email protected]
15 minutes from the barbecue event.
Do not MapQuest... use these directions!!!!
Directions from Yakima
1) From Yakima take I-82 east to Sunnyside
2) Take Exit 67, turn right (south) onto Midvale Rd. go 0.17 miles
3) Turn left (east) onto Alexander Rd. go 1 mile
4) Turn right (south) onto SR 241 (Mabton Rd.) go 6.25 miles
5) Turn left (east) onto SR22 go 0.2 miles
6) Turn right (south) onto Mabton-Bickleton Hwy. (Main St..)
go 8 miles
7) Turn left (east) onto Alderdale Rd. go 11 miles
8) At Wye in road stay right (south) go 0.8 miles
9) Turn right (west) into driveway
Directions from Tri-Cities
1) From Tri-Cities take I-82 west to Prosser
2) Take Exit 82 into Prosser turn left (west) onto Wine Country Rd.
go 0.3 miles
3) Turn left (south) onto SR 22 (towards Mabton, Paterson)
go 0.5 miles
4) Turn left (east) onto SR 221 (towards Umatilla, Paterson)
go 3.8 miles
5) Turn right (south) onto Bert James Rd. go 4 miles
6) Turn right (west) onto Sellards Rd. go 7 miles
7) Road veers left (south) onto McKinley Sprins Rd. go 8 miles
8) Road veers right (west) go 2.75 miles
9) At Wye in road turn left (south) onto Alderdale Rd. go 0.8 miles
10) Turn right (west) into driveway
[email protected] 509-875-2644
Directions from Portland
1) Take I-84 west to Biggs Jct.
2) Take exit 104 turn left (north) towards Washington on Hwy. 97
go 2.4 miles
3) Turn right (east) onto Hwy. 14 go 45 miles to mile marker 149
4) Turn left onto (north) onto Alderdale Rd. go 12 miles
5) Turn left (west) into driveway
Directions from Hermiston
1) Take I-82 north into Washington
2) Take exit 131 turn left (west) onto Hwy 14 go 31 miles to
mile marker 149
3) Turn right (north) onto Alderdale Rd. go 12 mile