Ride 2 New Heights - Bike Camp Information June 8 – 12, 2015


Ride 2 New Heights - Bike Camp Information June 8 – 12, 2015
Ride 2 New Heights - Bike Camp Information
June 8 – 12, 2015
Summit Academy High School in Bluffdale, Ut
Thank you for your request for information on our Ride 2 New Heights/iCan Bike
camp scheduled for June 8 – 12, 2015 at Summit Academy High School in
Bluffdale, Ut.
There are three steps to register for the bike camp:
1. Read and review the information contained in this
document, ensuring that your rider qualifies and that
you are able to comply with all parental
responsibilities. Then fill out “Rider Registration Form”
(included below).
2. Process credit card payment information
3. Prepare for bike camp by purchasing the right bike
and helmet
We are very excited to host an iCan Ride bike camp and look forward to your
Click the below link for access to the iCan Bike website for more information and
to view a number of short videos of the iCan Bike camp:
To give you an overview, there are approximately 40 riders in the total camp.
Because there are five 75-minute sessions each day, there will be no more than
8 riders at any one time at camp which ensures more individualized attention for
your rider.
Each rider attends the same 75-minute session for each of the 5 days (M – F) and
is assigned two volunteers that will work with the rider throughout the week. This
works great because bonds are formed between the volunteers and riders that
is helpful for encouragement and motivational purposes throughout the week.
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Also, because the riders often have emotional and/or mental disabilities, it is
often comforting for them to work with the same volunteer each day rather
than seeing a different face.
Finally, it is very rewarding for the volunteer to have spent the whole week with
the child to see the fruits of their labor on the last day when the child finally rides
Daily 75-Minute Sessions:
[8:30 am – 9:45 am]
[10:05 am – 11:20 am]
[11:40 am – 12:55 pm]
[2:00 pm – 3:15 pm]
[3:35 pm – 4:50 pm]
The riders will be riding a specialized bicycle designed to teach them to
balance appropriately for the entire 75 minutes each day while being
accompanied by their assigned volunteers. Additionally, camp staff will provide
fun motivational teaching on a specially designed tandem bike that is generally
well received by most riders.
The first two days of the bike camp (Mon & Tues) will take place solely inside on
adapted roller bikes. Beginning on the third day (Wed), some riders may
graduate to a two-wheel bike and transition to riding outdoors spotted by their
assigned volunteers. As riders graduate from the roller bikes to a two-wheel bike
between Wednesday and Friday, they will transition to the outdoor riding area.
To register for bike camp, the registration form must be completed and
payment processed. The registration form allows you to select your preference
of session times, but these times are not guaranteed. You will later receive an
email with confirmation of the session your rider will attend.
Here is some pertinent information for you to know in advance of camp:
What do I need to bring to Camp?
• a properly fitting bike helmet;
• comfortable gym clothes (shorts, t-shirt and sneakers or other closed toe
1411 W 1250 S, Ste 310 · Orem · UT · 84058 · TEL 801.900.4125 · FAX 801.437.2215 · www.UnitedAngelsFoundation.org
• water bottle or drink for short breaks;
• beginning on Day #1 (Monday) but no later than Day #4 (Thursday) the rider’s
personal bicycle is to be brought and left at Camp for use Thursday
and/or Friday. Our goal is to transition riders from our adapted bicycles to
their own personal bicycle on Day #4 or #5 (depending on their individual
Should I purchase a bike before Camp?
As discussed above, all riders will need a personal bike delivered to camp by no
later than Thursday. Most participants will require a new two-wheel bike.
Please see document titled ‘Purchasing The Right Bike & Helmet’. It includes a
list of bike basics as well as a list of bikes identified as appropriate for new riders
developing and generalizing skills.
If you choose to purchase a bicycle before camp, please note the following
recommendations to make the bike easier and more comfortable to ride
for people with disabilities:
single speed bikes are recommended (e.g., ‘Beach Cruisers’ are a good
shorter radius of pedal shaft (easier to pedal)
lower/compact frame to step over when getting on and off the bike;
wider seat (more comfortable and easier to balance the rider)
noticeable height difference between the handle bars and seat for a
more upright posture (makes it easier to steer and control)
20” bikes should have only one hand brake connected to the back wheel
24” and 26” bikes may have either one or two hand brakes
a coaster brake is a good idea for all size bikes to prevent the pedals from
rotating backwards which can be confusing for the rider while providing
an additional braking method
Also, please click on the below link to visit the Parent’s page of the iCan Shine
website which provides lots of helpful information and an 8 minute informational
video on what to consider in purchasing the right bicycle for a person with a
1411 W 1250 S, Ste 310 · Orem · UT · 84058 · TEL 801.900.4125 · FAX 801.437.2215 · www.UnitedAngelsFoundation.org
Where should I purchase a bike?
We discourage purchasing bikes from large non-bike shop retailers such as Toys
R Us, Wal-Mart, Target, etc… Generally, such bikes are of inferior quality to those
sold at local bike shops and develop more problems for the rider. Additionally, if
your rider’s bike needs adjustments, modifications or has technical problems, it
will be challenging to have this addressed by a retailer that is not set up as a
bike shop.
I am pleased to tell you that we have a local bike shop partner who is well
versed in how to fit your rider with the appropriate bicycle. Our bike shop
partner is:
Canyons Bicycles at 762 East 12300 South, Draper, Ut (801) 576-8844
We highly recommend you purchase your bike from Canyons Bicycles as we
have educated them on how to properly fit bicycles for people with disabilities.
When communicating with or visiting Canyons Bicylces, please identify yourself
as an iCan Bike participant and bring your rider so Canyons Bicycles knows to
follow the iCan Bike guidelines in fitting your rider with the right bicycle.
Also, for your convenience, Canyons Bicycles has agreed to offer a full refund
on a bicycle purchased for the bike camp if for any reason the rider is
unsuccessful in learning to ride the bike. Canyons Bicycles has also agreed to
give a 50% discount on any bike helmet purchased.
Is there an Orientation Meeting?
There will be an orientation meeting for parents/guardians and volunteers on
Sunday, June 7th at 7 pm at Summit Academy High School. We ask that riders
not attend the orientation meeting.
The first 30 minutes of the orientation will be an overview of the bike
program and how the camp operates as well as a Q&A session. Then we will
break the orientation into two parts whereby volunteers will be trained to spot
riders while parents/guardians will be given more specific information about
purchasing a bicycle suited for their rider and have more of an opportunity for
Q&A with the Shine bike technician.
1411 W 1250 S, Ste 310 · Orem · UT · 84058 · TEL 801.900.4125 · FAX 801.437.2215 · www.UnitedAngelsFoundation.org
How Can Parents/Guardians Help During the Week?
We ask that you stay on site during the 75 minute session each day. This is for
emergency purposes, personal care for your rider, and so that you don’t miss
their special achievements and success.
On the last day of bike camp (Friday), we ask that a family spotter come to
camp wearing appropriate shoes and clothing and ready to run with their rider
if it appears their rider may need spotting after camp. The Shine staff will meet
with you individually to discuss your rider’s skill level and a plan for post camp
riding and spotting.
How Parents & Guardians Can Help
Refer to our website www.icanshine.org where we have many videos
of our bike camps on our home page. Riders can see pictures of roller
bikes and watch videos to see what they will be doing during the
Limit anxiety by arriving 5-10 minutes before the session start time to
sign in, get a name tag and meet and greet your rider’s assigned
Be prepared – snack, water and restroom stop before your session.
Make sure to attend all 5 days of the program. Every day is important.
Make sure rider has a properly fitted bike helmet.
Dress rider for bike riding (shorts, t-shirt, sneakers). No open toe shoes
are permitted. Baggy pants, and long skirts or dresses are prone to
catching in the wheels, gears or chain of the bike and pose a safety
Make sure the rider gets adequate sleep & nourishment. It’s hard work
riding a bike for 75 minutes.
Parents or guardians may be asked to leave the riding area if their
presence is a distraction to the rider’s ability to remain focused. Please
don’t take it personal as our mutual goal is to get your rider riding by
1411 W 1250 S, Ste 310 · Orem · UT · 84058 · TEL 801.900.4125 · FAX 801.437.2215 · www.UnitedAngelsFoundation.org
the end of the program. We will consult with you and make this
decision together.
No biking at home this week. Only biking at the bike program.
Do not introduce any new activities this week because we do not
want to overload the rider with too many new skills. Learning to ride a
bike takes a lot of motor planning and processing.
Talk about each day’s activities at home. Help set goals for the next
day (e.g., number of laps, time on the bike before breaks, etc.)
Discuss rewards for riding (immediate and long term). We encourage
non-food related rewards. If rewards are food, then we ask you to
save it until after the session ends.
We prefer a guardian remain on site during the program in case of
emergency and to offer support to their rider. You won’t want to miss
the progress your rider makes and the first time they are on two wheels!
After the program week many riders will still need the assistance of a
person running alongside. Identify this person and have them at camp
on Friday, dressed for running. iCan Bike staff will train your family
designee to spot the rider.
Celebrate! It is quite an achievement learning to ride a two-wheel bike in only 5
days. Take photos and share them with friends and family and on our Facebook
page. Bring family members on Friday to join in the celebration
Is my Registration Fee Refundable?
The refund policy for the camp is; a refund must be requested by April 30, 2015
to receive a full refund, less a $25 administrative fee. If you are unable to attend
the camp at any point, please contact the Camp Director as soon as possible
so that a rider on the waiting list can register.
Are there any scholarships being offered?
1411 W 1250 S, Ste 310 · Orem · UT · 84058 · TEL 801.900.4125 · FAX 801.437.2215 · www.UnitedAngelsFoundation.org
There are five scholarships available based on financial need. Please email
camp director if you would like more information on applying for one of these
We will be in touch periodically between now and camp through e-mail. We
look forward to the opportunity to work with your child! If you have questions,
please contact us at 801-834-7503 or [email protected]
Steven & Sally Palmer
Ride 2 New Heights Program Directors
Bike Camp Hosts
United Angels Foundation
Direct: 801-834-7503
Fax: 801-437-0125
1411 W 1250 S, Ste 310 · Orem · UT · 84058 · TEL 801.900.4125 · FAX 801.437.2215 · www.UnitedAngelsFoundation.org
Rider Registration Form
“Ride to New Heights”
June 8 -12, 2015
Summit Academy High School – Bluffdale, Ut
$199 Registration Fee
We are pleased to offer this bike program to people with disabilities and look forward to
helping your family member learn to ride a two-wheel bicycle independently.
Requirements for Participation (Rider must meet all of below criteria):
Minimum of 8 years of age
Have a disability
Able to walk without assistive device
Willing and able to wear a properly
fitted bike helmet
Able to sidestep to both sides
Able to attend camp all 5 days
Maximum weight 220 lbs.
Minimum inseam of 20” (measure from
floor while rider is wearing sneakers)
***All fields are required. Registration will not be accepted if this form is incomplete.***
Rider/Family Information:
Rider Name:
Rider Gender (M or F):
Rider Date of Birth:
Rider Height:
Rider Weight:
Rider Inseam (inches from
floor while wearing sneakers):
Rider T-Shirt Size:
Parent/Guardian Name:
Parent/Guardian E-Mail:
Parent/Guardian Phone:
Parent/Guardian Cell Phone:
Home Address:
Emergency Contact Name:
Emergency Contact Phone:
Disability Information:
Primary Diagnosis:
Secondary Diagnosis, if any:
Please provide detailed information regarding the above diagnoses that will
help us work with the rider effectively (box will expand if more room is needed):
Health Information:
Rider Food Allergies, if any:
Please explain any health/medical conditions or health concerns and any
special instructions (box will expand if more room is needed):
Choose A Session:
Please number each session in order of preference (i.e. 1st, 2nd 3rd). Only mark
the sessions you are able to attend:
Session #1:
Session #2:
Session #3:
Session #4:
Session #5:
8:30 am – 9:45 am
10:05 am – 11:20 am
11:40 am – 12:55 pm
2:00 pm – 3:15 pm
3:35 pm – 4:50 pm
Payment Information:
Payment of the camp fee is required to process the registration form. Please
include check of $199 payable to United Angels Foundation OR complete below
Credit card information:
Name on Credit Card:
Credit Card #:
Expiration Date:
Security Code:
Rider Information:
This information helps camp staff & volunteer spotters assigned to work directly
with the Rider understand and better serve the individual needs of the Rider.
Rider Name:
Nickname, if any:
Age at Time of Camp:
Diagnosis (optional):
Please place an ‘X’ in the box that most appropriately describes the Rider:
Generally speaking, the Rider….
Yes Sometimes
can communicate his/her needs
when upset, can manage his/her emotions
follows simple directions
cooperates with others
Is comfortable with physical queues/prompts
responds positively to playful banter
benefits from use of pictures to convey meaning
gets frustrated easily
has trouble staying focused
gets upset by visual or audio stimuli (eg. bright lights, loud noise)
gets upset by background noise such as music or talking
Comments/Additional Information (box will expand if more room is needed):
Please answer each of the following questions (boxes will expand if more room
1. What strategies do you use to promote positive behavior and/or discourage
negative behavior that will enable us to work safely and successfully with the rider?
2. What are favorite activities, movies, music, hobbies or other interests of the rider?
3. Has rider attended an iCan Bike program (formerly Lose The Training Wheels)
previously? If yes, when and what was the outcome?
4. Has he/she ridden with training wheels? If yes, please provide a brief history.
5. Has rider experienced a bicycling accident? If yes, please explain.
6. Through participating in this iCan Bike program, what are your expectations for your
Rider Liability Release
Rider Name:
By signing, I hereby expressly acknowledge that bicycling, like many sports such
as swimming, golf, soccer, and gymnastics involves movement and physical
activity, and that injury or mishap are possibilities in spite of all reasonable
safeguards and precautions taken. Further, I hereby expressly acknowledge
that photographs and/or videos of the above rider may be taken by parties
outside the control of Shine in connection with participating in bike camp. I
acknowledge that Shine has limited or no control over such activities of third
parties and has no control over any editing and/or use of such photos and/or
video footage. As the parent/guardian of the above rider, I accept such risks as
reasonable and proper, and agree to hold harmless the officers, principals, staff
and volunteers of United Angels Foundation, Premier Credit, iCan Shine, Inc.,
and Rainbow Trainers, Inc. should injury or mishap occur in this regard.
I understand that data collected from this program will be used to help the
camp operate effectively relative to appropriate progressions, bike sizing and
behavior management. I acknowledge that I may be contacted in the future
for follow up information pertaining to rider progress, status or for other requests
to support the future development and success of the program.
Parent/Guardian Signature:
I give permission for the above rider to be photographed and/or videotaped in
print or electronic media by Shine or third parties acting on behalf of Shine. I
acknowledge and agree that photographs and videos may be edited and
used in whole or in part as desired for the purpose, which may be produced,
duplicated, distributed and used for informational, promotional or other public
purposes. I understand that photographs and video are not my property and
there will be no compensation to me. I understand and authorize the use in
writing or otherwise the name or identity of the above rider.
Parent/Guardian Signature:
Submission Instructions:
Please mail this completed registration form with payment to:
Ride 2 New Heights
c/o Steven & Sally Palmer
12001 Milona Drive, Draper, UT 84020 or
e-mail to [email protected]