Curriculum Vitae - UCF Psychology


Curriculum Vitae - UCF Psychology
Andrea L. Hermsdorfer
[email protected] (email)
University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida
Expected May 2016
Industrial/Organizational Psychology
Thesis: Emotional Intelligence using Social Network Analysis in the Workplace (In
Thesis Chair: Dr. Dana Joseph
Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida
Minor in Sociology
May 2014
Santa Fe College, Gainesville, Florida
May 2012
· Emotions in the workplace (emotional intelligence, and leadership)
· Employee engagement & personality in its relation to motivation, job attitudes, job performance,
counterproductive behaviors, and trust
· Research Methods (Longitudinal, social networks, and meta-analysis)
Dziuban, C., Moskal, P., Thompson, J., Kramer, L., DeCantis, G., & Hermsdorfer, A. (in press).
Student satisfaction with online learning: Is it a psychological contract? Online Learning
Dec. 2014 – present
University of Central Florida
Meta-Analytic Comparison of Monomethod versus Heteromethod
Advisor: Dana Joseph, Ph.D
• Coded reasons for exclusion, created references for articles and
Oct. 2014 – present
University of Central Florida
Thesis on Emotional Intelligence and Social Network Analysis
Advisor: Dana Joseph, Ph.D.
● Using Social Network Analysis to assess emotional intelligence in the
workplace to evaluate if those who have higher emotional intelligence
are better at developing and maintaining relationship at work.
Oct. 2014 – present
University of Central Florida
Wait Staff Study
Advisor: Dana Joseph, Ph.D.
Andrea L. Hermsdorfer
● Monitoring the completion of mobile surveys, served as communication
point for participants, and responsible for seeing participants receive
● Using Experience Sampling Methodology to explore how employees
attitudes and behaviors develop over the course of days, weeks, ad
months within restaurants wait staff through a mobile surveying study.
May 2014 – present
University of Central Florida – Research Initiative for Teaching Effectiveness
Graduate Research Assistant
Director: Dr. Charles Dziuban
● Assisting with programming data collection software, coding responses,
analyzing data, literature reviews, and graphic analysis
● Editing a wide range of work, and creating many aspects of research
papers, and presentations.
● Reframing meta-analysis methodology, exploring new approaches to
latent trait analysis, validation of the redeveloped Student Perception of
Instruction Protocol at UCF
● Working extensively with Qualtrics, Microsoft Office, and SPSS.
Jan. 2013- Dec. 2013 Florida State University
FSU Marriage Project
Advisor: James McNulty, Ph.D.
● Assisted with programming data collection software, maintained
participant databases for a longitudinal study that involved a community
sample, served as the primary communication point for participants,
scheduled online participant sessions, and paid participants.
● The study revealed that partners’ levels of depressive symptoms
determined whether they respond to confrontational behaviors (e.g.,
criticism) with increased or decreased motivation to resolve their
relationship problems
Jan 2013 – Dec 2013 Florida State University
FSU Relationship Processes Study
Advisor: James McNulty, Ph.D.
● Scheduled online participant sessions, paid participants, randomly
selecting which condition participants would be a part of, ran couples
separately through four task, used a complicated deception, paradigm,
and debriefed subjects
● Worked extensively with Qualtrics, and the SONA system. The data
collection just ended (in Fall 2014) and the results are forthcoming.
● The goal of the study was to examine the effect of perceptions on how
forgiving a partner is, and the partner’s tendencies to try to change his
or her offending behaviors for individuals’ likelihood of committing
future transgressions.
Andrea L. Hermsdorfer
Teaching Assistant. Department of Psychology. Florida State University
Level: Undergraduate
Course: Physiological Psychology Lab. (2-6 students)
● Worked under a graduate teaching assistant, taught five views, and the
twelve coronals views of a sheep brain, with a range of different structures
per view, to a group of 2-6 undergraduate students
Spring 2012
Dean’s List
Santa Fe College
Fall 2012
Presidents List
Florida State University
Aug. 2012 – present Psi Chi: National Honor Society in Psychology
Mar. 2014 – present Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society
Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society
Aug. 2012 – present Psi Chi: National Honor Society in Psychology
Collaborative Institutional of Training Initiative CITI
“Social & Behavioral Responsible Conduct of Research”
“Conflict of Interest”
“Human Research”
National Institute of Health (NIH)
“Protecting Rights of Participants”
Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology Inc. (SIOP)
American Psychological Association (APA)
International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) – Orlando Chapter