Quick Tips Lab Charts.indd


Quick Tips Lab Charts.indd
QHN User’s Quick Tips #12
Lab Charts
Quality Health Network is pleased to announce the Lab Charts (graph) function
is now live. This new feature allows you to chart laboratory results from disparate
sources and select the date range you wish to view with a few quick clicks from
within the Patient Summary.
Access to Lab
1. Navigate to the
Patient Summary
section for the patient
of interest.
2. In order to chart labs
all patient data must
display. A blue bar
MAY appear indicting
there is more data to
display, click on Show
All Data in the Patient
Actions section.
3. Once data has loaded
click on Lab Charts.
4. The Lab Chart view
will open. Click on
the down arrow in the
Test Name box.
5. You may either scroll
through the tests
listed or begin typing
in the search box.
QHN User’s Quick Tips #12
Lab Charts
Access to Lab Charts, cont.:
6. Once you have selected the test you wish to graph the date range will default to All. If you wish
you may select a date range, using the Time Range drop-down, once selected, click Apply.
7. You may select to display the results in a Horizontal or Vertical Time Axis.
8. Click on the graph icon
next to the Element you
wish to graph. Graph will
Please note: if no graph icon
appears next to Element
graph option is not
available, as a non-numeric
data element occurs in
one or more result.
9. If you hover your mouse
over a data point the detail
will appear.
10. To print, right click on the