autumn-winter-menu - Railway Hotel Castlemaine


autumn-winter-menu - Railway Hotel Castlemaine
Freshly shucked oysters
natural / cachaça and lime granita (GF)
3/$9, 6/$16, 12/$30
House sourdough w/ garlic butter (V)
L.A El Gringo tacos: grilled chicken, spicy slaw and peanut butter (3x) $12
Cream corn “meia lua”, chives and tabasco (V) (4x)
Lenny’s salt and pepper squid w/ aioli (GF)
Spicy brazilian chicken croquette Coxinha (4x)
Crispy pig ears w/ fermented chilli sauce(GF)
Celeriac and provolone croquette w/ kale pesto (V) (3x) $10
Grilled Harvey Bay scallops w/ shaved fennel
and cane cream (GF) (3x)
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Bobó de camarão (King tiger prawns bobó) for 2 :
cassava stew, mussels, chillies, coconut relish
w/ rice and bread (GF)
for 1 $34
Ploughman's plate :
prosciutto, house terrine, smoked trout rillette, pickles, cheddar,
Autumn root salad
carrots, celeriac, celery, parsnips, coriander,
sichuan pepper, peanuts and fermented plum dressing (VE + GF)
Warm golden and rainbow beets salad
chevre, onions, quinoa, dill, chilli and smoked almonds
(can be VE + GF)
Char grilled baby squid, avocado, chickpeas, mussels,
pomegranate, crushed pita bread and chimichurri
Brocolline, Amazonian chillies, sesame seeds,
goat fromage, hazelnut and dried scallops (GF)
Acquerello organic aged carnaroli rice rissoto (V + GF) $26
Smoked lamb neck with hand made capunti pasta
edamame and mint
Broken paella rice porridge,
smoked jerusalem artichoke, buttermilk, wild mushrooms,
persimmon and lovage (GF + V)
Muscovy aged duck breast
mussels, lemon verbena and fresh turmeric broth, jerusalem artichoke,
mustard leaves, ice plant and corn shoots (GF) *cooked medium
Pork belly, beets, edamame, compressed watermelon
and spirulina (GF)
Kyneton goat
braised shoulder, kale, beets, salsa verde mousse and
handmade tortellini
Curry of the day (GF+VE+V)
with fragrant rice, yoghurt, poppadum and shaved red onion
Rockling, chips and salad (Fish and chips )
beer batter /grilled / (GF tempura batter)
Hand crumbed chicken parma or schnitzel
with chips and salad
El Cabrón Jalapeño Chicken Burger w/ chips
grilled chicken breast, cheddar, lettuce and guacamole
Picanha (350 grams)
Scotch (300 grams)
Eye fillet (300 grams)
Porterhouse on the bone (300 grams)
Sauce options:
NOT GF: mushroom sauce, green peppercorn sauce, garlic butter
GF: Café de Paris butter, mustards (Dijon, Hot English, Seeded) , Chimichurri
and Béarnaise sauce
*All steaks served with hand cut fat chips and salad
Heritage variety potato salad, 4 types of potatoes, golden $14
raisins, quinoa, jalapeño, watercress, pecan, aioli and corn (GF+V)
Roasted Jap pumpkin, gorgonzola piccante, honey, guava $12
and poor’s man parmesan (V)
Chips w/ aioli (GF+V)
Mixed leaf salad w/ house dressing (GF+VE)
*Alterations to menu may slow down service during peak periods. Please help us by avoiding changes during these times.
Bill’s famous “Eton mess”:
raspberry sorbet, Baileys and lime meringue (GF)
Warm bitter chocolate cake:
orange, ginger and single malt whisky ice cream
Alfajores :
coconut, dulce de leche ice cream, freeze dried berries and
pink grapefruit curd
Trio of homemade ice cream (GF)
Check the board to see cheese options
kids meal
(Meals $11 / suitable for kids under 12)
Grilled chicken wrap, iceberg lettuce and cheese
Hawaiian pizza: pineapple, ham and cheese
Grilled fish with chips and salad
Chicken nuggets with chips and salad
Beef burger, tomato, lettuce and cheese with chips
kids desserts
(All $6 / suitable for kids under 12)
Rocky road ice cream
Waffles with vanilla ice cream and maple syrup
Chocolate sandwich ice cream
local suppliers
Açai berries: (pronounced ah-sigh-ee) are the fruit of a palm tree (Euterpe oleracea) that grows in flood plains of the Amazon basin. Açai berries are quite small, with a diameter of just 1-2 centimetres, only about 10 per cent of which is the edible skin
and pulp. Nevertheless, these tiny berries are highly nutritious, and have been a staple part of the Brazilian diet for centuries.
Acquerello organic aged carnaroli rice: Piero and Rinaldo Rondolino are the masterminds behind what is regarded as the best risotto rice in the world. The Acquerello Carnaroli rice is cultivated using organic farming methods. The rice is harvested
then aged while still unpolished for over a year in stainless steel silos. This process renders the starch, proteins and vitamins less soluble in water. What does this mean? It means that when you cook it it soaks up more flavour and stock while staying
firm and separate.
Alfajores: An alfajor or alajú is a traditional confection found in some regions of Spain, the Philippines, and in parts of Latin America, including Paraguay, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Uruguay, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Southern Brazil, and Mexico.
Bill’s famous “Eton mess”: He is back!!! Eton mess is a traditional English dessert consisting of a mixture of strawberries, pieces of meringue, and cream, which is traditionally served at Eton College's annual cricket game against the pupils of
Harrow School.
Bobó de camarão: sometimes referred to as shrimp bobó in English, is a Brazilian dish of shrimp in a purée of manioc (a.k.a. cassava) meal, coconut milk and other ingredients.[1] Like many similar dishes, it is flavoured with palm oil, called dendê
in Brazilian Portuguese and is traditionally served with white rice, but may also be treated as a standalone side dish. Is one of the many iconic recipes from the Bahia region of Brazil, which is known for its heavy Afro-Brazilian characteristics.
Cachaça: is a distilled spirit made from sugarcane juice. Also known as aguardente, pinga, caninha or other names, it is the most popular distilled alcoholic beverage in Brazil. Outside Brazil, cachaca is used almost exclusively as an ingredient in
tropical drinks, with the caipirinha being the most famous cocktail.
Café de Paris butter: is a complex butter-based sauce served with grilled beef. The sauce was first popularised in the 1940s by the Café de Paris restaurant in Geneva. Contain a mixture of herbs, spices, and other condiments such as mustard,
marjoram, dill, rosemary, tarragon, paprika, capers, chives, curry powder, parsley, shallot, garlic, Worcestershire sauce, and anchovies, all whipped into the butter.
Capunti: Short pasta from Puglia, shaped like an elongated oval. Quite thick and coarse textured, these are great with all sauces, which will cling to the rough surface.
Cassava: Manihot esculenta, with common names cassava (/kəˈsɑːvə/), Brazilian arrowroot, manioc, and tapioca, a woody shrub of the Euphorbiaceae (spurge) family native to South America, is extensively cultivated as an annual crop in tropical
and subtropical regions for its edible starchy tuberous root, a major source of carbohydrates.
Chevre: Goat cheese, or chèvre, is cheese made out of the milk of goats.
Chimichurri: is a green sauce made out of herbs used for grilled meat, originally from Argentina.
Coxinha: The coxinha (Portuguese: little chicken thigh) is a popular food in many countries in South America consisting of chopped or shredded chicken meat fried in batter, moulded into a shape resembling a chicken leg. Coxinhas were originally
made with a chicken thigh, which its traditional shape is meant to resemble. In its modern processed form it may have originated in São Paulo in the 19th century.In the book Stories & Recipes, Nadir Cavazin says that the son of Princess Isabel of
Brazil (1846-1921) and the Count D'Eu, a child who lived in seclusion for having mental problems had a favourite dish, chicken, but only ate the thigh. One day, not having enough thigh, the cook decided to turn a whole chicken into thighs,
shredding it and making the filling for a flour dough shaped into a drumstick. The child endorsed the results. Empress Teresa Cristina, when she was visiting him, could not resist the tasty delicacy; she liked it so much she requested that the master of
the imperial kitchen learn how to prepare the snack. So coxinha won over the nobility and became history.
Dulce de leche: is a confection prepared by slowly heating sweetened milk to create a substance that derives its taste from the Maillard reaction, changing flavour and colour. Literally translated, it means "candy or sweet of milk" or "candy or sweet
[made] of milk."
Edamame: bean is a preparation of immature soybeans in the pod, found in the cuisine of, China, Japan, Indonesia, Korea and Hawaii.
El Cabrón: means “Bad Ass". Comes from the Spanish term for Goat(Cabra). In this case Bad Ass burger!
El Gringo: is a term, mainly used in Spanish-speaking countries and in Portuguese-speaking, to refer to an English-speaking foreigner, especially a North American person or, in Brazil, to refer to any non-latin america foreigner. The term is often
Fromage blanc: (also known as maquée) is a fresh cheese originating from the north of France and the south of Belgium. The name means "white cheese" in French.
Gorgonzola picante: Italian blue cheese. Also known as Mountain Gorgonzola. Whereas its younger cousin, Gorgonzola Dolce, is sweet, this one is spicy, or "Piccante". Aged longer than Dolce, it has much less moisture and far more blue.
Granita: (in Italian also granita siciliana) is a semi-frozen dessert made from sugar, water and various flavourings. Originally from Sicily, it is available all over Italy in somewhat different forms. It is related to sorbet and Italian ice.
Guava: common tropical fruits
Heritage variety potato: sapphire potatoes, cranberry red, purple gongo and pink lady
Ice plant : Low-growing succulent. Angular heart-shaped leaves covered with sparkling wart-like glands. Parts of the plant are often red in colour. The flowers are white with several rows of very thin petals.
Lenny’s squid: Lenny is a local customer that loves squid.
Lovage: is an erect, herbaceous, perennial plant growing to 1.8–2.5 m tall, with a basal rosette of leaves and stems with further leaves.
Meia lua: it means half-moon in Portuguese, snack bar comum knows in Brazil as Risole.
Muscovy duck: (Cairina moschata) is a large duck native to Mexico, Central, and South America. Small wild and feral breeding populations have established themselves in the United States, particularly in the lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas and
South Florida as well as in many other parts of North America, including southern Canada.
Picanha: is a cut of beef popular in Brazil. In the U.S. it is little known, but referred to as the rump cover or rump cap.
Ploughman's lunch: Beer, bread, and cheese have been combined in the English diet since antiquity. However, the specific term "ploughman's lunch" is believed to date no further back than the 1950s, when the Cheese Bureau began promoting the
meal in pubs as a way to increase the sales of cheese, which had recently ceased to be rationed.
Poor’s man parmesan: 'Pangritata' often referred to in Italy as 'the poor man's Parmesan' - I believe this is basically bread crumbs flavoured with garlic and herbs and fried in olive until golden and crisp.
Rillettes: Is a preparation of meat similar to pate.
Salsa verde: Green sauce is the name of several different sauces containing mainly herbs, namely the Italian salsa verde, the French sauce verte, the Spanish salsa verde and the German Grüne Soße or Frankfurter Grie Soß.
Spirulina: are microscopic blue - green algae and is a wholefood source of chlorophyll, vitamin B12, vitamin K, vitamin A and antioxidants. A diet rich in wholefoods such as fruits, vegetables and algae, contributes to heart health and reduces the
risk of coronary heart disease.
Angel Organic Lamb Farm - only 25 kms from the pub, this farm supplies all lambs with seaweed meal, hay and
coconut meal.
Castlemaine Fresh Fruit Shop - Jeff , Max and the whole team supply us with beautiful, fresh fruits and
Clifford Quality Cuts - Butchers - Steve is the man behind 80% of our meat products, who brings us the best
Central Victoria has to offer.
Glenora Heritage Produce - Working with Andrew, made it possible that over 60% of our vegetables and fruits
weekly are organic. The property “Glenora” is located 100 kilometres north of Melbourne in Tooborac, in Central
Victoria. All the produce they grow is seasonal and farmed organically. No artificial fertilizers, pesticides or
herbicides are used on the property.
Inglewood Quality Meats – For James and Pat Clee, the owners of Inglewood , dry aged beef is a serious business
and is about running a butcher shop in the “old fashioned way”. James and Pat are responsible for our free range
chooks and game meat.
Mt. Franklin Organics - From his little farm Florian has been supplying me with outstanding organic fruit and veg
for over 3 years now.
The Egg guy - almost every week this kind sir shows up with his free range eggs from his paddock.
The Potato Man - more tham 30 types of potatos they offer us, we work close with them to find the perfect potato
to suit every meal.
Werona Olives - Werona olive grove has over 1000 trees and is situated 10 minutes from Newstead. We use their
extra virgin olive oil in all our dressings.