BIACUC Research Personnel CITI and Occ Health Requirements


BIACUC Research Personnel CITI and Occ Health Requirements
B-IACUC Animal Research Personnel Requirements
All animal research personnel are required to complete the following training and medical clearance
items before participating in animal activities under an IACUC-approved study or class. Please read
this document carefully and contact the Administrator for guidance or with questions at
[email protected].
Citi Course Work:
Module: Working With the IACUC
Access the following link:
1) Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select “Yes”:
2) Enter your IU username and password.
3) Select
4) Select
5) For Question 1, select
6) For Question 2, select
7) For Question 3, select
8) For Question 4, select
9) For Question 5, select
For the applicable species, select from the following listing:
10) For Question 6, Occupational Health and Safety Training, select
11) For Question 7, select
12) For Question 8, select
13) For Question 9, select
14) Select the
15) On the next screen, select the Working with the IACUC-Investigators, Staff and Students
and Occupational Health and Safety Training for Personnel Working with Animals course
work and proceed with the modules. Certificates will be issued to the IACUC
office within 48 hours of successful completion and submission of the quizzes.
Medical Clearance:
Animal research personnel enrollment in the Occupational Health and Safety medical surveillance
program is mandatory. This includes faculty, staff, and students who have direct contact with
animals or non-sanitized cages/equipment/enclosures. Please complete the following steps to enroll
in this program.
Access the link:
Please address each question on the form.
This secured website is maintained by the IU Health Systems. Your health information will be
provided to the medical personnel at IU Health and will remain confidential. If you are contacted by
a physician, please respond as soon as possible. Approval cannot be granted to work under an
animal research protocol until medical clearance is provided by a physician.
If you do not receive confirmation of medical clearance within one week of submitting the
questionnaire, please contact either the OHS Coordinator (Randy Evans) at [email protected] or
the B-IACUC Administrator at [email protected]. Thank you.