Long and cold Winter Snow Damage


Long and cold Winter Snow Damage
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Newsletter Vol. 2 No. 1
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March 2015
Long and cold Winter
It looks like the winter has finally left us. Another cold
March with snow. We have finally been able to get started
with the first round of applications. We are applying a granular pre-emergent to lawns to prevent crabgrass from germinating later this spring and summer. There is also a little
fertilizer with the application to help the lawn come out of
dormancy from the long and cold winter.
Update on Pesticide Ban
There is legislation that is currently working its way through the county government. They
are proposing to ban pesticide use by homeowners and licensed professionals on all
residential property in the county. A vote will be held sometime in . Please take the time
to email the council and let them know you are opposed to this legislation. I have included
the email addresses of the council below. Even if you sent an email previously, please
send another one. Here is the link: https://www.votervoice.net/RISE/campaigns/38478/
Mowing Care
Mowing is a very important aspect of lawn care.
Make sure that the mower blade is sharp. A
homeowner who mows his own lawn should
sharpen the mower blade at least twice a year.
On the lawnmowers that we use, the blades are
changed 2 or 3 times a week. A dull blade will
tear, not cut, the grass. Torn grass is more
susceptible to disease. Also, make sure that the
lawn is mowed regularly. In the spring, that
means at least once week. Only one-third of the
grass blade should be removed with each
mowing. The mower should be set to mow at 2.5
inches - 3 inches. The lawn can be mowed a little
shorter in the Spring but make sure the height is
raised (3.5 inches) when the temperatures get
into the upper 80’s and 90’s.
Snow Damage
If there is any damage to your lawn from
the snow plows or road salt, let us
know. We can provide an estimate
to repair the area for you.
$50 referral discount
We desire more clients and are willing to pay for
them. Find us a new customer that signs up for
our annual Turf Management Program and we
will credit your account for $50.
Rowland will
competing in
the Golf
Decathlon this
June. The
Decathlon is
one day charity
golf event that
includes ten 18
hole rounds.
Yes, 180 holes!
He has
completed this
event twice.
The event has
raised over
$30,000 each
year with only
about 10
competitors. (It
is hard to find
people crazy
enough to do
this.) This
year’s charity is
the FIGHT 4
Diabetes Cure.
Please go to
link if you are
interested in
making a
donation to
support this
cause. https://
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