RUN CLUB FAQs AUCKLAND Where can I store my baggage? You


RUN CLUB FAQs AUCKLAND Where can I store my baggage? You
Where can I store my baggage?
You can drop your bag with us before you run, we will look after while you’re out on course, when you
return you can collect your bag.
How do I join Nike+ Run Cub?
It’s free to join Run Club, register to save a spot on Once you have received a
confirmation email that you are in, arrive at Federation Square 15mins before the run. Talk to one of the
Run Leaders who will direct you to bag storage and show you the routes of the run.
Is there water available at the session?
Yes, we have water available when you return from your run.
How much does it cost?
There is no cost to join our Run Club community!
What distance will be offered?
Distances may vary from week to week however we offer a 5km and a 10km course. We also offer
interval training.
What pace groups are available?
We have a variety of pace groups available; including fast pace groups, medium and beginner groups.
These range from 4.30 min per km – 7.00 min per km
What if the group I join is too fast for me?
Our Run Leaders will ensure you are comfortable and ensure you know where are going if you wish to
slow down or run faster ahead of the group.
To ensure we all have a great run, please remember to:
Register your spot at
Sign in with Run Leaders on arrival
Wear your pace group wrist band at all times
Listen to your Run Leaders
Runners must run the course on offer
Be aware of others and your surroundings
Follow the road rules
Wear your Run Club tee with pride and be a good ambassador
Earphones are discouraged – enjoy the social experience