Independent Stoichiometry Lab –D –DCP –CE


Independent Stoichiometry Lab –D –DCP –CE
Independent Stoichiometry Lab
This is to be produced by the student as it is a planning experiment. This investigation is to explore some
aspect of stoichiometry.
Any chemical reaction can be studied from a variety of viewpoints. Some reactions are not suitable for study in
high school chemistry labs due to cost, availability of chemicals or equipment, environmental issues, and/or
safety concerns. Some reactions are better suited than others to study certain phenomena or relationships.
These are important considerations when selecting a reaction to study.
This lab is divided into two distinct parts: the proposal and the practical. The proposal will be presented prior to
the practical and must be approved before beginning the practical. The proposal may be modified for the
practical under the advice of the instructor to improve the safety, efficiency, accuracy, or other aspects of the
Each student worked in the company of one or more students in the interests of safety and practicality. Each
student conducted his/her experiment and collected the data individually.
Propose a specific purpose related to a specific reaction between selected amounts of reagents under defined
conditions. Clearly state the expected results, other possible results, and the means and methods to produce
and observe these results. The available chemicals are listed on the school web page; other materials can be
used with permission from the instructor.
Perform the lab as outlined in the pre-lab proposal making note of any variations.
Students are recommended to consult the “Internal assessment criteria” and “Clarifications of the IA criteria”
sections (pages 21-28) of the IBO Diploma Programme Chemistry Guide for first examinations 2009.
Experimental report
The following factors must be considered:
 Suitable research question and hypothesis regarding predicted results
 Choice of suitable apparatus and method
 Concise reproducible procedure that can be repeated to produce similar results
 Accurate recording of raw data
 Presentation of raw data
 Data analysis and presentation
 Conclusion in terms of the purpose
 Evaluation of errors both qualitative and numerical
 Recommendations to reduce errors, increase efficiency, or improve interest / understanding
 Design–D
 Data collection and processing–DCP
 Conclusion and evaluation–CE

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