June Newsletter - Salem Lutheran Church


June Newsletter - Salem Lutheran Church
July 2015
The Pastor’s Page
July 2015
Last month I wrote:
“If the adult class or any group
would like to look at this book (Cost
of Discipleship), I still have all my
notes from the class.”
Well, I didn’t hear from anyone,
so I’ll wait for another opportunity.
searching for the fish that I know are
there somewhere.
When I lived in
Williamsburg, where my son lives
now, I would explore the area around
there. One day I went to visit Iowa
Lake, a small lake. I thought that it
was maybe a mile around the lake so
I didn’t take anything with me. It
turned out to be a lot further than 1
mile and I kept getting farther and
farther from where I thought the car
was. Also, a physical problem
started to develop. Since I’m Type
II diabetic, I began getting very
thirsty and a little weak. I knew what
was happening. My blood sugar was
low and I needed to eat something
right away and get a drink if I could.
By this time I had hiked completely
away from the lake and was coming
to a gateway and a gravel road. No
house in sight. I had been praying
for help when I realized what was
happening. When I came to the
gateway I saw a small puddle in the
lane. As I looked closer there was a
wrapped piece of candy. I took a
drink of water and unwrapped the
candy. I felt
better but I was still getting tired
from walking. I started walking
down the gravel road. Soon, a car
showed up. The driver asked me
where I was going. I explain my
situation and he volunteered to drive
me back to my car.
People who have decided that
God doesn’t exist or doesn’t have
any place in their lives are missing
out. To have your ‘soul restored’ by
having your prayers answered is an
awesome feeling.
May your summer be filled with
God-encounters and keep praying.
I had a great fishing trip to
Canada last week and I’m looking
forward—sort of—to being with my
three grandchildren for a week. I
love them,
but I tire, at 70, a lot sooner than they
My devotion for the day I’m
writing this is Psalm 23:2-3 “He
me lie down in green pasture; he
leads me beside still waters; he
restores my soul.”
I think I remember this correctly,
‘Pastor’ and ‘Pasture’ come from the
same root word. So ‘Pastor’ is one
who tends ‘Pastures’. As I drive
back and forth to Cushing I see
several pastures where cows are
eating to their hearts content in lush
and tall grasses. If cow could smile,
I’m sure these would be smiling.
That’s the picture that David seems
to be telling us in the 23rd Psalm.
With God leading us we may not
become rich but we will be content
with what God provides, even to the
point of sharing with others in need.
The “still waters” for me is not
just a puddle—though I’ll tell you
a story in a minute about that—but a
slow moving stream of beautifully
water, like from a mountain snow Pastor Wayne
melt that I can gaze longingly at
phone has very poor reception in
Cushing, so please use the church
number during my office hours,
Wed.-Friday, 10-12:30. 712-3842545. Thanks.
Harvest Ministry Council
Meeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes
June 18, 2015
Attendees: Pastor Wayne Pfannkuch.
Salem: Kevin Reinking, Keith Swanson,
Kathy McGhee. St John: John Heilman,
Jim Porter, Marcia Schemmel
The regular meeting of the Harvest
Ministry Council was called to order at
7:00 pm on June 18, 2015, at St. John
Lutheran Church by president, Kevin R.
Pastor Wayne opened with devotion
Proverbs 15:13 and prayer.
Minutes: Marcia S. read the minutes of
the last meeting. The minutes were
approved as read with the correction of
the spelling of “Pfannkuch”.
Treasurer’s Report: John H. distributed
the treasurer’s report for May 2015:
Beginning Balance $3927.06, Income
$7500.00, Expenses $ 6317.46, End
Balance $5109.60. Treasurer’s report
was approved as read.
Old Business:
Summer Joint Worship Service (July 26,
2015): Keith S. reported he spoke to
Mark Jenkins and Mark is willing to
provide music for the summer Joint
Worship service. Kevin R. to contact
Mark Jenkins with details of the date and
the service to determine if Mark Jenkins
would be able to participate. The joint
worship committee will be contacting
musicians from both services for a
possible music ensemble. Greeters and
lectors regularly scheduled for both
churches to serve at the joint service.
Continued next page
John H. to contact Jeff Johnson
regarding use of sound system. John H.
to have fliers to advertise the joint
worship service and distribute at Little
Sioux Campground the day before.
Motion by Keith S. and seconded by
Kathy M. to distribute the loose change
equally between St. John and Salem
designated for youth programs.
Members will be asked to write checks
to either St. John or Salem for their
regular Sunday offering. Drinks and
dinnerware will be provided for the
potluck. Marcia S. to provide the
keyboard. Communion to be held.
Status of call committees: Salem to
present the ministry site profile to the
church council. St. John submitted the
ministry site profile to the synod.
New Business:
Pastor Wayne stated the air conditioner
needs to be installed in the office at St.
John. John H. to take care of.
Pastors Report:
Pastor Wayne distributed his May
activity report and schedule for June.
Pastor Wayne visited 40 persons in May
(21 communion, 1 non-communion, 4
hospital, 12 phone, 2 office) and
attended 9 meetings. Youth events
included Confirmation at St. John,
recognitions at both churches,
baccalaureate services for Kingsley and
Correctionville. 11 worship services
were held.
Next meeting is scheduled for July 23,
2015, 7:00 pm at St. Salem.
Kevin R. adjourned the meeting and
members closed with the Lord’s Prayer.
Schemmel, Secretary
Salem Lutheran Church
Council Meeting
June 21, 2015
Unapproved Minutes
The council met with the following members present: Janet,
Brent, John, Scott, Bryan, Kevin,
and Pastor Wayne. Janet called the
meeting to order. Pastor gave devotions from his upcoming newsletter
article. Correspondence was a thank
you card from Pastor Terry Hudson.
Nancy Clausen and Roger
Reinking gave a presentation from
the call committee. They went over
the Ministry Site Profile with the
council and had some questions on
what to fill out for the salary/benefit
section. The council reviewed the
profile and agreed everything looks
good. The call committee will submit it to the synod.
Kevin gave the secretary’s
report. It was approved as read.
Brent gave the treasurer’s
report. Capital Improvement Fund
had an ending balance of $10508.08.
Parsonage Maintenance Fund had an
ending balance of $9639.94. Continuing Education Fund had an ending balance of $750.00. The general
fund had a beginning balance of
$2270.84, income of $5111.13, disbursements of $5512.37, for an ending balance of $1869.60. The report
was approved as read.
Old Business: Church /Parsonage maintenance items were reviewed. There was no change to the
well/septic/chlorine systems. John
gave an update on the RAGBRAI
fundraiser. The menu is set for
breakfast burritos, cinnamon rolls,
pies, and drinks. The sign-up sheet
has been passed around the congregation. The organ refurbish has been
completed. Kevin gave an update
from Harvest Ministry. The joint
worship service is planned for July
26th at Little Sioux Park.
New Business: The hot water heater is rusting out on the bottom, putting water into the furnace
room. It has been shut off. Kevin
will check with REC on any rebate
programs and get prices on new water heaters.
Pastor’s Report:
Pastor reported on worship
services, nursing home service, visitations, office visits, marriage counseling, meetings, synod assembly,
upcoming calendar, and vacations.
Next meeting is set for
Thursday, July 30th at 6:30. Janet
adjourned the meeting and we
closed with the Lord’s Prayer.
Salem’s texting tree has been in
operation for several months and I
think it’s agreed, this is a wonderful
tool to use to quickly reach out to so
many. We have used it on a number
of occasions for prayer concerns and
There are a couple of things I
would like to address on the use of
this tool. There is still an order of
contact to be recognized and ask that
either JO HANSEN (375-5718) or
JACKIE HERBOLD (375-5166) be
initially contacted to start the prayer
chains. They will then make contact
with the 3 calling trees that go out as
well as myself for the Texting Tree.
This is the preferred method so that
information gets started at the top of
the list. If I am unreachable for the
Texting Tree, Lavonne Byers is my
alternate contact.
Please note, that when you
receive a text message from the
Texting Tree, DO NOT RESPOND
in any way as your message goes to
all those in your group. Also, do not
use my group text as a means of
communicating direct with me.
Please send me a separate text to my
number (712-251-9120)
Thanks to everyone for your
patience in getting this together.
Karen Burnham
Offering’s for May - June
Deacon and Trustee and
Communion Assistants:
7/12/15 - Tricia Ewert-Flannagan;
Nick, Aleshia, Ashlyn & Brennen
Farley-Wamberg; Kathryn &
Timothy Felts
Deacon : Mark Burnham
Trustee: John Hoppe
Acolyte: Lauryn Sullivan
7/19/15 - Nancy Felts; Barb
Fletcher; Travis Fletcher; Ron
Gelston; John & Pastor Lorene
Glant; Lisa Gordon
6/7 Current expense $2376.00
Attendance 32
July Service Helpers
July Lay readers
7/5/15 Bob Clausen
7/12/15 Betty Meister
7/19/15 Ragbrai ??
7/26/15 John Hoppe
5/31 Current expense $630.00
Attendance 38
6/14 Current expense $946.00
Attendance 32
7/26/15 - Loren & Nancy Gordon;
Del Ray, Charlotte, Eugene, Chris, 6/21 Current expense $899.00
Attendance 40
Megan, Melanie, Delinda & Delmar
Noisy Offering
July Birthdays
July Greeters
7/5/15 Paulsen’s
7/12/15 Nancy Clausen
7/19/15 Ragbrai ??
2 Chad Hill
5 Kash Michael Beeson
17 Robin Peschau
24 Janet Byers
28 Rick Krier
Prayer of
Joys &
Connie Hoppe,
Tricia EwertFlannagan, Pastor
Melba Smith,
Lorny Nissen,
Kahlen Kehoe, Don Schneckloth,
Family of Al Weiss, Family of Carol
Hudsen. All congregations in call
The noisy offering from June of last
year to the June of this year
amounted to $482.45 and was sent to
Lakeside Bible Camp.
July Anniversaries
22 Trevor & Alyssa Bertsch
30 Kory & Stephanie Schwartz
On Tuesday, July 28 Salem will
be serving at the Soup Kitchen in
Sioux City. At least 6 volunteers are
needed to serve and clean up.
Volunteers need to be at the Soup
Kitchen at 5:00 and will work till
6:30, Please contact Dennis or Joan
Reinking to offer assistance to our
extended outreach ministry.
Salem Semi-Annual Meeting
Prayers for Salem families
and friends:
7/5/15 - Joe, Karen, Josh & Zach
Dunlap; Nathan & Erica Dunlap;
Larry & Marcia Edwards
The semi-annual meeting has been moved from July 19th to
July 12th because RAGBRAI fund raiser is on July 19th
Ragbrai will be coming through Kingsley on Sunday, July 19th, and Salem will once again
be operating a food booth to raise funds. All proceeds from this will be used towards the
Organ Renovation, which is in progress. Our stand will be located on 2nd Street at
intersection with Main St. We encourage all members to participate in this fundraising
endeavor according to your capacity. Your rewards will be much more than you will be
able to give.
· Breakfast Burritos: to be made on site
· Pies – 2 crust, (no potentially hazardous ingred) DO NOT CUT
Will be cut & packaged Sat., July 18 at 1:00 (See Sign-up)
· Cinnamon Rolls – Frozen rolls will be provided & available for pick up in church
freezers anytime after July 1. A box of lg baggies will be by the freezer along
with baking instructions so you can transfer the number of frozen rolls home for
baking. DO NOT FROST. The baked rolls need to be dropped at the church by
noon on Sat., July 18th (See Sign-up)
Will be frosted, cut, & packaged Sat., July 18 at 1:00 (See Signup)
· Drinks: Water, Gatorade, Juice
SIGN-UP SHEETS are posted at the back of the church for the following:
Pie donations
Cooks to bake cinnamon rolls (Frozen rolls provided)
Saturday at 1:00: pie & cinnamon roll ‘packaging’ at church
Saturday at 6:00: workers for set-up crew at site
Sunday AM (TBD): Runners, Servers/Cashiers
Sunday AM: Tear down crew
Advertising: Make signs & distribute
If any questions, Ragbrai Committee Members are:
John Hoppe (Chr)
Karen Burnham (Sec)
Mark Burnham
Joan & Dennis Reinking
Bryan Paulsen
Marti Meissner
Nancy Clausen
Tricia Ewert-Flanagan
St. John Lutheran Church Newsletter
Eldon & Vicki Nippert
Eldon & Vicki Nippert
Gail Stanton
Altar Care:
Denise Wright &
Wendi Reyman
Serving: Vaughn Heyer,
Matthew Lundt, Dustin
Wesselman, Casey Lindsay,
Steve Galvin and Noelle Jacobs
Sarah Circle: 1:30 July 1st
Bible Study: Sandy Johnson
Hostess: Vi Rohlk
Gracie Volkert &
Kylie Reinders
Levi Volkert &
Austin Lewis
Eric Johnson &
Trey Heilman
Danni Book &
Hannah Colshan
Please keep the following in
thoughts and prayers this
St. John: Joel Wellndorf,
Family & Friends of Cameron
Condon, Don Schneckloth,
Violet Rohlk, Ethel Albers,
Betty Stoneking, Erica Miller,
Bob Mohr and Joan & Bob
Croxell, Pastor Melba Smith
Salem: Tricia EwertFlannagan, Lorny Nissen,
Connie Hoppe
July 2015
Josh Mohr from Morningside
Leah Graham received a
Master of Education Degree
with High Distinction from
Buena Vista College on May
Congratulations to all our
graduates this year. If I have
not mentioned any, please let
me know and I will put it in the
next month’s newsletter.
Esther Circle: 7:30 July 2nd
Bible Study: Marilyn Heilman
Hostess: Cheryl Todd
Women’s Gen Mtg 7:30 July 15th
Program: Haiti Mission Trip
Hostesses: Lorraine Jepsen &
Bev Stoneking
Harvest Ministry Worship
service at Little Sioux Park
will be on Sunday, July 26th at
10:30 AM. There will be a
potluck following worship.
Come join us in worship and
A Special Thank you to Dale
Grell for the beautiful offering
plates he made. Thank you to
him & his wife, Janice, for
donating them to St. John
Lutheran Church.
Dear Friends – Thank you for
your kindness and sympathy
during this difficult time. Many
thanks for your prayers and
support. – The Family of Carol
St. John Lutheran Church Newsletter
The family of Carl Huth Jr. sent
a Thank you to us for keeping
them in our prayers and the
support during their time of
Thank you to everyone for
prayers, cards, phone calls and
visits during and since my
recent hospital stay. Your
thoughtfulness is very much
appreciated. Vergil Heyer
Nicholas & Kari Morgan
Jaremey & Jennifer
Jeremy & Allison
Brian & Jenifer Aman
Greg & Sharen
Jeremy & Nikki Schubert
Arlo & Patricia Hummel
Paul & Sherry Anderson
Loren & Barbara
Heather Prange
Brady Meyer
Kyler Lewis
Wendy Jepsen
Michael Merkel
Reed Henrichsen
Lana Cunningham
Tate Heilman
Beverlyn Stoneking
Mitchell Grell
Peyton Robbins
Delores Dau
Darla Ludvigson
Jackie Kay Heyer
Sharon Wilde
Jeff Witzke
Mardell Kurtz
Michelle Mohr
Trey Heilman
Deb Henrichsen
Tim Kohn
Angela Heck
Trever Heck
Christina Morgan
Brandon Utesch
Amy Bremer
Buck Jacobs
Hunter Deeds
Dale Grell
Jeff, Talan and Braelyn Witzke
joined the St. John family on
Sunday, June 14th. Please be sure
to introduce yourself to them and
welcome them to our family.
July 2015
The Education Committee is
excited for the children in our
community for 4 days with the
Day Camp group from Ingham
Okoboji Camp on July 6th – 9th
from 9:00 to 2:00. We are
anticipating a group of 52 this
year! Lana Lundt and Tonya
Carstens along with several
helpers are leading a group of
about 16 preschool and
kindergarten children! We may
need extra cookies this year!
The closing program will be at
7:00 PM on Thursday, July 9th
followed with ice creams
sundaes. Prepare to be amazed
at the music and sharing of
Please include the camp staff
and helpers and kitchen crew in
your prayers as the seeds of
faith grow in our children. We
ask for safe, fun-filled 4 days
and great weather.
Sunday, July 12th at 9:00AM in
the Cushing Park, we will have
our worship service in the
St. John Lutheran Church Council Meeting Minutes
May 17, 2015
Call to Order: President Elaine Droegmiller called the meeting to order at 12:41 p.m. Members present:
Elaine Droegmiller, Linda Mathers, Park Ludvigson, John Heilman, Kyle Krager, Lana Lundt, Jordan
Droegmiller, Passtor Wayne and Lisa Johnson. Call Committee representative present: Tammy Porter.
Tammy Porter updated us on the submission of the call paperwork. Discussion/Questions/Suggestions.
Secretary’s Report: April report was read. Kyle moved to accept it. Jordan second.
Treasurer’s Report: April report was read. Park moved to accept it. Linda second.
Pastor’s Report: Visit shut ins and gave communion. Attended meetings, confirmation class,
recognition of graduates, installation at both churches, new member classes with Jeff Witzke, meeting
with Beaux Sargent and Melissa Mathers and Rev. Byers. Full report enclosed.
Committee Reports: Elaine read a report from Marcie Schemmel. Lana moved to compensate Marcie
for music lessons for Terra Heilman and Erin Johnson. Kyle second. Lana moved that the compensation
be $100/month. Park second.
Old Business:
1. Shed Cement Slab – John will talk to Dave Wiese on where to pour cement.
2. Carl Goodburn Update – Funeral June 20th – Waiting for family to contact us.
3. Secretary Job Description – Council will fill out a job evaluation and compile them at the next
meeting – table
4. Chicken Supper Update - table
New Business:
1. Church Mowing – Colton Porter-$25/time(approximately $100/month)-Colton will let us know
how many times he mows and submit a bill.
2. Parsonage Mowing – Levi Volkert - $25/time-John will talk to Dan Volkert and ask them to
submit a bill.
3. Leaf Relief for Church – Lana talked to Dave Wiese. Schedule to have it done.
4. Great Iowa Treasure Hunt-Helen Kurtz Estate – Lana is filling out the paperwork to receive
money that was left to the church.
5. Water Heater – had to get a new one.
6. Robert Hoppe Memorial Gift - $25,000 gift will be put in undesignated memorials.
7. Western Iowa Synod Update – discussion
8. Kitchen Remodeling – Elaine will talk to Cheryl Todd about what women of the church want
9. Parsonage – have some furnishings there so Pastor can use it if he needs to,
Adjournment: Next meeting will be June 14, 2015 at noon. Lana moved to adjourn. John second.
Council Secretary, Lisa Johnson
St. John Lutheran Church
July 2015
1:30 Sarah Circle
Bible Study: Sandy Johnson
Hostess: Vi Rohlk
Ushers: Eldon & Vicki Nippert
Greeters: Eldon & Vicki Nippert
Lector: Gail Stanton
7:30 Esther Circle
Bible Study: Marilyn Heilman
Hostess: Cheryl Todd
Acolytes: Gracie Volkert &
Kylie Reinders
VBS 9-2
VBS 9-2
7:00 VBS Program
VBS 9-2
Acolytes: Levi Volkert &
Austin Lewis
9:00 Worship in the Park - Cushing
Noon – Council Meeting
7:30 Women’s General Mtg
Program: Haiti Mission Trip
Hostesses: Lorraine Jepsen
& Bev Stoneking
Acolytes: Eric Johnson &
Trey Heilman
Acolytes: Danni Book &
Hannah Colshan
10:30 Harvest Ministries Joint Worship
– Little Sioux Park – Potluck to follow
July 2015 - Salem
Sara Circle
@ 1:30
6th Sunday
after Pentecost
w/HC 10:30
7th Sunday
after Pentecost
Semi Annual
w/HC 10:30
8th Sunday
after Pentecost
Ragbrai Fund
w/HC 10:30
9th Sunday
after Pentecost
Joint Harvest
Ministry Worship
Service @ Little
Sioux Park @ 10:30
items due
Harvest Ministry
Council @
Salem @ 7pm
Salem Contact Info
Confirmation Camp
Soup Kitchen
Council Mtg
@ 6:30pm
Janet Byers……………375-5494
Council President
Newsletter Contact Clark Byers
Email [email protected]
Salem Lutheran Web Site:
For additions to the bulletin
contact Emily by Thursday at
[email protected]
Daily Lectionary and Bible Reading July 2015
7/1 - W: Psalm 8; 2 Kings 20:1-11; 7/22 - W: Psalm 100; 2 Samuel 5:1- this day: and I pray that You would
12; Luke 15:1-7
Mark 9:14-29
forgive me all my sins where I have
done wrong and graciously keep me
7/2 - Th: Psalm 123; Jeremiah 7:1- 7/23 - Th: Psalm 145:10-18; 1
15; 1 Corinthians 4:8-13
Kings 19:19-21; Colossians 1:9-14 this night. For into Your hands, I
commend myself, my body and soul,
7/3 - F: Psalm 123; Jeremiah 7:16- 7/24 - F: Psalm 145:10-18; 2 Kings and all things. Let Your holy angel
26; 2 Corinthians 10:7-11
3:4-20; Colossians 3:12-17
be with me, that the evil foe may
have no power over me. Amen.”
7/4 - Sa: Psalm 123; Jeremiah
7/25 - Sa: Psalm 145:10-18;
7:27-34; Matthew 8:18-22
2 Kings 4:38-41; John 4:31-38
Read assigned scriptures, taking time
7/5 - Su: Ezekiel 2:1-5; Psalm 123; 7/26 - Su: 2 Kings 4:42-44; Psalm for meditation after each. Then, offer
2 Corinthians 12:2-10; Mark 6:1-13 145:10-18; Ephesians 3:14-21;
personal prayers/petitions. Close with
John 6:1-21
the Lord’s Prayer.
7/6 - M: Psalm 119:81-88; Ezekiel
2:8—3:11; 2 Corinthians 11:16-33 7/27 - M: Psalm 111; Genesis
18:1-15; Philippians 4:10-20
7/7 - Tu: Psalm 119:81-88;
Jeremiah 16:1-13; James 5:7-12
7/28 - Tu: Psalm 111; Exodus
24:1-11; Romans 15:22-33
7/8 - W: Psalm 119:81-88;
Jeremiah 16:14-21; John 7:1-9
7/29 - W: Psalm 111; Isaiah 25:610a; Mark 6:35-44
7/9 - Th: Psalm 85:8-13; Amos
2:6-16; Colossians 2:1-5
7/30 - Th: Psalm 78:23-29; Exodus
12:33-42; 1 Corinthians 11:17-22
7/10 - F: Psalm 85:8-13; Amos
3:1-12; Colossians 4:2-18
7/31 - F: Psalm 78:23-29; Exodus
12:43—13:2; 1 Corinthians 11:277/11 - Sa: Psalm 85:8-13; Amos
4:6-13; Luke 1:57-80
7/12 - Su: Amos 7:7-15; Psalm
85:8-13; Ephesians 1:3-14; Mark
A Daily Ritual: Make the sign of the
cross, saying: “In the name of the
Father and the Son and the Holy
7/13 - M: Psalm 142; Amos 5:1-9; Spirit. Amen.” Light a Candle, if so
Acts 21:27-39
desired. Then say one of the two
7/14 - Tu: Psalm 142; Amos 9:1-4; prayers below:
Acts 23:12-35
Luther’s Morning Prayer: “I thank
7/15 - W: Psalm 142; Amos 9:11you, my heavenly Father, through
15; Luke 7:31-35
Jesus Christ, Your Dear Son, that
You have kept me this night from all
7/16 - Th: Psalm 23; Jeremiah
10:1-16; Colossians 1:15-23
harm and danger: and I pray that you
would keep me this day also from sin
7/17 - F: Psalm 23; Jeremiah
and every evil, that all my doings and
10:17-25; Acts 17:16-31
life may please You. For into Your
hands I commend myself, my body
7/18 - Sa: Psalm 23; Jeremiah
12:1-13; Luke 18:35-43
and soul, and all things. Let Your
Holy angel be with me, that the evil
7/19 - Su: Jeremiah 23:1-6; Psalm foe may have no power over me.
23; Ephesians 2:11-22; Mark 6:30Amen”
34, 53-56
7/20 - M: Psalm 100; Jeremiah
50:1-7; Hebrews 13:17-25
7/21 - Tu: Psalm 100; Zechariah
9:14—10:2; Acts 20:17-38
Luther’s Evening Prayer: “ I
Thank you, my heavenly Father,
through Jesus Christ, Your Dear Son,
that You have graciously kept me
St. John Lutheran Church
Salem Lutheran Church/Harvest Ministry
1391 Lee Avenue
Correctionville, IA 51016
“Address Service Requested”
Harvest Ministry
July Newsletter
Harvest Ministry Council
Kevin Reinking .......Chairman
John Heilman ......... Treasurer
Marcia Schemmel …Secretary
Keith Swanson ....…... Member
Kathy McGhee…….... Member
Jim Porter…. ....…..... Member
U.S. Postage PAID
Correctionville, Iowa
Permit No. 12