2015 Swim Lesson Information Sign up Begins May 1


2015 Swim Lesson Information Sign up Begins May 1
2015 Swim Lesson Information
Sign up Begins May 1
Session 1: June 1st-12th
Session 2: June 15th-26th Session 3: July 6th-17th
Payments due on the first day of the session!!! (Payments can be made earlier but no later.)
ALL Session Lessons: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday for two weeks.
No lessons on Thursdays because the pool is closed for cleaning.
COST: Session 1, 2, 3 (25 minute classes – 2 weeks) - $40.00 per child, $45.00 with swimming after
TIME: ALL Sessions – Classes begin at either 9am or 9:30am (Depending on time you sign up for).
If a student is under 3 years old, a parent is required to be in the water with student during class.
During lessons, no one is allowed in the pool unless you are in a swim lesson. You may relax in the
therapy pool between 9am and 10am for a special price of $5.00 each. This price will allow you to have
unlimited swimming in pools all day after lessons are over.
o Tadpole 1 – beginning swimmer, class with a parent, 3 months old to 3 years old.
o Beginner 1 – Should be comfortable in and under the water, and ready to attempt beginning level
o Beginner 2 – Should be able to float on back independently for 5 seconds, perform a glide, and be
comfortable jumping off the wall to the instructor.
o Beginner 3 – Should be able to swim both big arms and fining and kicking for an entire lap.
o Beginner 4 – Should be able to swim big arms and racing backstroke for 2 laps, and elementary
backstroke for 1 lap.
o Advanced Beginner – Should be able to swim free style, racing backstroke, elementary backstroke,
scissor kick, and breaststroke kick.
o Intermediate – Should be able to swim back freestyle, racing backstroke, side stroke, and
breaststroke for long distances.
o Advanced – Able to swim all strokes. Will focus on stroke refinement and endurance.
Please let us know what swimming level your child/children should be in. This will help us teach
new skills and confidence in the water. Also, let us know if our child has had lessons with us the
previous year as we can look up their level. To sign up for lessons please call (719) 378-2807.
Sign-ups for each session registration will end the Thursday before lessons begin. Payment is
required and must be received the first day of classes.