May 8, 2015 Important Links Keep up to date on everything “Red


May 8, 2015 Important Links Keep up to date on everything “Red
May 8, 2015
Important Links
Keep up to date on
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Konnichiwa! İSaludos familias! Servus Familien! Chères familles,
At BHS we are lucky to be able to offer our students four diverse world
languages: Japanese, Spanish, German and French. Learning a foreign
language should be an exciting and enjoyable experience for your student.
Therefore we always encourage students to study a language that piques
their interest. Within each of our programs students are offered a variety of
authentic experiences such as: language immersion camps, pen-pals, travel
and exchange programs, Advanced Placement and College in the High
School opportunities. Our BHS World Language teachers are excited about
sharing these target languages with students and we are immensely proud of
the growth our students have made in their languages over the course of this
school year!
Our classes are college preparatory and follow the ACTFL National
Standards, so expectations are high. Most of our instruction, even at the first
year level is conducted in the target language. Students must focus during
class and try to use the foreign language as much as possible in order to
maximize the learning experience for all students. Regular attendance is
extremely important because the instruction is mostly conducted in the
target language and it is difficult to replicate this immersion-like experience
outside of the classroom without traveling to the foreign country. We
understand that absences are going to happen and encourage students to
communicate directly with teachers following an absence so they will be
able to receive accurate information about what they missed.
Practice and memorization are important so your student should be
spending some time outside of class working with the language in order to
optimize proficiency. Our most successful students enjoy “playing” with the
language and exploring the culture on their own. In our classes we play
language games, sing songs and provide the students with many
opportunities to use the language while having fun. Our WL department
collaborates often, sharing best practices for immersing our students in the
language. We also have 3 traditional events where all of our WL classes
come together: “Sing and Share” before winter break, World Language
Week before spring break and our World Cup Tournament at the end of
May. We hope that your students will continue to study and use this
language in career, travel and social experiences throughout their lives!
Minasan!! Ganbatte Kudasai!! İVáyanse en paz! Mit freundlichen Grüßen!
Que la paix soit avec vous!
Your BHS World Language Department
“Recent scientific research on the brain suggests that learning foreign languages
makes students smarter overall. Among the many benefits, it increases students’
mental focus, reading and writing abilities, and even improves mathematical skills.”
(Dr. Abraham Kim)
We Believe In:
Treating all members of the BHS Community with dignity and respect... Taking care of this great place… Producing quality work…
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Sports Physical Night Tues., May 26th @ 5:30 in the BHS Gym.
Athletes wanting to sign up need to complete the sports physical form
(available at the ASB or Activities Offices) and return the completed
form and $10.00 to the ASB Office by the end of school, Fri., May
22th. The fee for sign-ups the evening of the physicals is $20.00.
The Jr./Sr. Prom will be held on Saturday June 6th at the
Bellingham Golf & Country Club from 8-11:00pm. Sr.
Tickets will be $5 and Jr. Tickets will be $15 (any student
without an ASB card will pay an additional $5). Tickets will
go on sale on June 1st in the ASB office. Please complete
the dance agreement prior to purchasing a ticket.
We will be hosting a dinner at Lairmont Manor at 6:30pm
before Prom. Dinner tickets are $5 and will be available
June 1st-4th.
Reading Report: April 2015 – Top Titles
and May 2015 – New Books @ the BHS Library.
Our last PTSA meeting
is May 14th, 2015 at
7pm in teachers
lounge. Everyone is
Seniors…There are still plenty of scholarships available. Come to the
Career Center and pick up applications for:
Paul Clarke Memorial: Eligible criteria Demonstrate current efforts
in regards to serving and assisting others. Demonstrate leadership of
character. Plan to pursue a career dedicated to service. Must attend
Bellingham High School.
Bellingham Staff Scholarship: Eligibility: SENIOR: Bellingham High
School Senior. Must demonstrate academic achievement, leadership,
and a commitment to the Bellingham High School’s Collective
B.A.S.E. Eligibility: SENIOR, 2.5+ GPA, based on financial need,
planning to attend a community, technical or 4-yr
Please like us! Your
Red Raider PTSA has a
Facebook site – join
today @ Bellingham
High School Red
Raiders PTSA.
Seniors: planning to attend Evergreen State University
next fall come to the Career Center to apply for a $900
tuition waiver today!!
PTSA is looking for NEW board members for 2015-16 school year. Anyone
interested in volunteering to be on the board or lead a committee can contact
Kim Ninnemann at 360.920.0468 or [email protected]. Elections for
upcoming board members will be in our May 14th meeting at 7pm in the
teachers lounge at BHS. Hope to see you there!!