Event 4 is... - Shoreline School District


Event 4 is... - Shoreline School District
Event 4 is...
The Challenge:
Protect an egg from a 4 story drop by
using your knowledge of the ImpulseMomentum Theorem
Design the lightest device that
protects the egg!
Materials you may use:
8 jumbo straws
3 rubber bands
1 8.5” x 11” sheet of scrap paper
50 cm duct tape
2 cotton balls
2 3” x 5” notecard
1 small “Dixie” cup
1 full page from the Kolus
Design guidelines:
Egg will act like an astronaut - he/she must be
easily inserted/removed from device.
Egg will be placed at the top of drop. You may not
attach any part of your device to the building.
There will be a golfball for practice.
You can modify materials as necessary.
You’ll have Friday (6/5) to build.
Testing on Wednesday 6/10.
Teams will be scored based on four tiers. Devices
(without egg) will be massed prior to testing.
Tier 1 (no cracks) Sorted by device mass
Tier 2 (cracked but no spillage) Sorted by device
Tier 3 (Spillage) 6/10 pts.
Tier 4 (not in the spirit of competition) 3/10 pts.