The Boardwalk Ball - TDSB School Web Site List


The Boardwalk Ball - TDSB School Web Site List
Malvern Collegiate Home
& School Council
The Boardwalk Ball
This informal dinner dance is the biggest fundraiser of
All proceeds
is open
to all
by the Malvern
50 thematic gift baskets up for raffle.
30 silent auction items.
by our parent
Friday June 5th 2015 - Bluffers Park Marina Restaurant
Doors open 6:30 p.m.
p.m. the year for the home and school council.
These tickets will not be available at the door.
Our goal is to sell 150 tickets. Please plan to attend.
to purchase
is Monday
1 st, 2015.
Tickets available from
Mr M. Falla in the music department
Ms N. Lewis in the school office
Mrs V. Tsorlinis by email [email protected]
55 Malvern Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M4E 3E4
Telephone: (416) 393-1480 Fax: (416)393-1493
Malvern's Boardwalk Ball
Have fun, celebrate our school, and make a difference for Malvern students
Malvern is a special school, and our Home & School Council works to help keep it that way.
Every year we raise money to bring in experts, who speak to students and parents about issues
that matter to them. We host an end of the year staff appreciation brunch and most important
present scholarships and awards to graduating students.
At commencement this year, students received a total of $7500.00 to help them with their
post-secondary studies.
We need your help, but stay with me--it isn't a big ask...our big fundraiser of the year comes on
June 5th. It's called "THE BOARDWALK BALL" and it’s a blast. Parents, students and friends of
Malvern gather at Bluffers Park Marina to enjoy a laid -back and informal evening to meet,
mingle and enjoy a great dinner. Talented musicians play through the evening and there's an
amazing gift basket raffle of 50 thematic baskets and 30 silent auction items. There’s a chance
to win great door prizes and our dessert table has become a highlight of the evening. (See back
for a list of our contributors)
This is where you come in. This event takes 6 months and countless hours to create and we
need you to do a solid favour, and come out on the night. Tickets are $40.00 and go on sale at
the junior and senior music concerts in May. They will also be available through Mr. Mike Falla
in music, Ms. Nickie Lewis in the main office and Vicky Tsorlinis our school council treasurer.
Please email Vicky at [email protected] for all details surrounding this event.
The benefit to our kids will be long-lasting, and you'll have made an important contribution.
Thank you
D. Studer
David Studer
Chair, Malvern Home & School Council
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Malvern Home and School
50 Thematic Gift Basket Raffle
These gift baskets were created from the generous donations of our parent, local and corporate
communities. The raffle draw is available to all Malvern families, friends and the community.
The more raffle tickets sold, the bigger the benefit to the school.
The draw will take place at the Boardwalk Ball on Friday June 5th, 2015 at
Bluffers Park Marina
(You do NOT have to attend the Board Walk Ball to participate in this raffle draw.)
Cost: 25 tickets for $ 20.00
Payable to:
Malvern Home and School Council. Cheques are preferred, however cash is accepted. Deadline
to buy tickets if you are NOT attending the Boardwalk Ball is Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015.
Allocate your 25 tickets to any 1 or variety of baskets you would like to try and win (eg: 5
tickets on Basket 1, 10 tickets on Basket 5, 10 tickets on Basket 8 or any other combination.)
If you are hoping for one particular basket, put all 25 tickets toward that one particular
choice. You can purchase as many sets of 25 as you wish.
Complete the back of this sheet with your choice(s) and fill out your information on the
Drop off your completed summary and payment in a sealed envelope to Nickie Lewis Administrator, in the Malvern School Office or email Vicky Tsorlinis at
[email protected] to arrange for drop off/pick up or to make alternate
arrangements. All envelopes must be labeled Attention: Vicky Tsorlinis - Gift Basket
Your choices will be added to the raffle boxes.
All gift baskets will be delivered.
Proceeds from this event fund exit scholarships,
commencement and parent engagement seminars.
If we all do a little our students will benefit a lot.
See back for a list of baskets. Return this sheet with your choices indicated on the back. Like us
on Facebook to see photos of all baskets. Our Facebook page is Malvern Collegiate School
Home & School. Please fill out the information below so that we can ensure you receive any
baskets you may win.
Name: ______________________________________ Phone no: _______________________
Email: ___________________________________________
The school is at 55 Malvern Ave., Toronto / FB page:Malvern Collegiate Home & School
Boardwalk Ball — Gift Basket Raffle
Friday, June 5, 2015
See back for details on how to participate
# 1. Monalisa ‐ 13 piece knife set with holder. # 2. Chefmate ‐ 26 piece knife set. # 27. Home electronic accessories from Maxell Canada.
# 28. Books, Books and more books. Authors ‐ Didion, Wolf, # 3. Bond ‐ 163 sq. in. portable charcoal grill with accessories. # 4. Royal Canin ‐ dental complete balance dog food and dog nail trimming gift certificate. # 5. Puppy love ‐ Puppy starter basket. #
# 6. Black and Decker ‐ 12V cordless drill. #
# 7. Lerosier ‐ white wine, wine glasses and wine #
# # # # # # accessories. 8. Glade brand ‐ candles and air fresheners. 9. Cheese board, knife set and cordless cheese grater.
10. DVDS ‐ Moulin Rouge, Amistad, Last Holiday, March of The Penguins, X files complete 1st and 2nd season. 11. Liz Claiborne 3 box sets of men’s ties, pocket squares and travel tie case caddy. 12. Johnson and Johnson brand products (8 brands included). 13. 5 ‐ 1000 piece puzzles. #
# 34. Pam Sweets assorted chocolate bark basket.
# 35. Mary Macleod’s ‐ shortbread basket. # 36. Kerry food service chai latte and other warm beverage drink mix. # 37. Amsterdam ‐ brewing beer basket with gift certificate.
# 38. Black and Decker Press and Dress iron and table top ironing board. # 39. Nostalgia Electrics hot chocolate maker, marshmallow # 14. Beauty Supply Outlet basket and gift certificate for haircut and blow dry. # 15. Socks, socks and more socks. Men’s and women's.
# 16. 2 Crystal serving bowls and 100 rocket candies.
# 17. 4 ceramic potting containers and gardening starter #
bulbs and seeds. # 18. Hangers, for pants, shirts, belts and scarves.
# 19. Black and Decker rice steamer and a variety of rice.
# 20. Games: Trivial Pursuit, Backgammon, Quirky and #
# # # # # # Scene it. 21. Terra Cotta wine collection and white wine.
22. Cookie canisters and Dare brand strawberry filled cookies. 23. Oral care products, toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss and rinse. 24. Hotel spa towels, shower gel, lotion, candles and hand sanitizers. 25. 2 sets of JCP sheets and 100% merino wool blanket.
26. Body shop sets, butter, gel, scrub and soap various scents. Tartt, Badami, Grass, Naipaul and LED book light. 29. Tea ‐ brewing kettle, 8 cup tea set and a selection of teas. 30. Coffees, Teas, ‐ 4 ceramic coffee mugs and coffee cup stand. 31. Baking supplies, crisper and shield, collapsible muffin pan, cookie press, baking thermometer and canister set with measuring spoons. 32. Bath towels, face towels, soaps, gels, scrubs, bath salts, massager and bath pillow. 33. Surprise basket donated by Leane Besky of State Farm.
and hot chocolate. 40. Kitchen Aid nonstick 3 piece bake wear set with Betty Crocker instant mix cookie and bread mix. 41. Bouclair entree and serving trays with trays and spoons.
3 boxed sets of 4 and 6. 42. Verdici, Verdici, Verdici. Boxed gift sets.
43. 2 fragment design glass mirrors 8 by 8 and a 3 piece set of black metal wire frames with palm tree scene set in the centre of each and 2 Egyptian image theme pillows. 44. Hand made soaps from Sweet Pea. Java, Shakti, Mango Papaya, Lavender and French Green Clay. 45. Same as number 44.
46. Napkins, napkins, napkins and more napkins and decorative metal napkin holder. 47. Herb planter, seeds, medicinal herbs self‐help book.
48. Candies, candies and more candies. # 49. Nature Valley snacking and breakfast bars. # 50. Malvern spirit wear. All red and black.