Sevengill Sharks Return to the La Jolla Cove


Sevengill Sharks Return to the La Jolla Cove
 Press Contact: Alice Kao SD Expeditions (858) 707­5666 [email protected] FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 3/20/15 SEVENGILL SHARKS RETURN TO THE LA JOLLA COVE Annual Spring migration attracts scuba divers and photographers La Jolla, Calif.​
­ The return of large shallow­water sharks to La Jolla Cove can be safely witnessed by humans as SD Expeditions launches scuba tours that take divers on a unique underwater adventure. Sevengill sharks migrate to the Cove every spring and can be seen by swimmers and divers in water as shallow as 15 feet. The recent sightings have attracted many curious freedivers and scuba divers eager to see them. “The sevengills are one of our favorite sharks to dive with since they require no cage, no chum and are the largest sharks we take customers in the water with,” said Nick Lebeouf, a cofounder of SD Expeditions. “Contrary to what you might think, people aren’t scared of them, and they actually come here to just to dive with them,” he said. SD Expeditions offers guided tours to certified scuba divers either by boat, or just a 10­minute swim from shore. Scientists don’t know much about this mysterious shark, but they can be seen in the Cove from March to May. Sevengill sharks (​
Notorynchus cepedianus​
) average from five to seven feet long and are the largest shark commonly found in La Jolla. The International Shark Attack File considers this shark to be potentially dangerous because of its proximity to humans and aggressive behavior when provoked, but there have been no recorded fatalities since the 16th century. For video footage of recent encounters, please visit: ​​
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or call (858)707­5666. ### A close pass by a 6 foot male sevengill shark while diving at La Jolla Cove. ​
Click here for high­res photo. Nick LeBeouf filming a male sevengill shark in 30 feet of water at the La Jolla Cove. ​
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