Branching Out Conference 2015: Workshops


Branching Out Conference 2015: Workshops
Branching Out Conference
2015: Workshops
Communicating to Reduce Conflict
Randy Janzen
Take part in an interactive workshop to
learn how communication can prevent,
reduce and resolve conflict.
Is Entrepreneurship for Me?
Anne-Marie Edgar and Chantale Orr
Get a realistic overview of what to expect
when starting up a business. Learn what
supports are required/available, and hear
inspirational stories of successful entrepreneurs with disabilities. Take part in a
straight-forward exercise to assess your
entrepreneurial readiness. Find out what to
expect, how ready you are, and how to get
Personal Safety
Gitta Ridder
Our Right: To Enjoy Life! …therefore our
safety is always First! Participate in a sharing circle to discuss what kind of situations
feel uncomfortable or scary. Learn how to
stay safe in various situations and fully
enjoy life!
Lita Moth
More information TBA
More information TBA
Kootenay Parkour and Development
More information TBA
Employer/employee panel
Jim Leitch
More information TBA
Safety in the home
Marc Thibault
With a focus on the kitchen, we will discuss
fire and burn risks at home. We will also
address proper recognition and treatment
of burns.
Kitchen First Aid
Len Van der Weyde
A short discussion on First Aid issues like
cuts and burns and how to attend these
Learn to Give the Gift of Touch “A”
Christine Sutherland
Learn how to relax…Hands on! Learn head,
neck, shoulder massage, including arms and
hands. Find out how to use these perfect
skills for making friends and helping family
Learn to Give the Gift of Touch “B”
Christine Sutherland
Learn head, neck, shoulder massage, including arms and hands. Learn how to pass this
gift on to clients or groups. Increase your
skill set. Learn and relax at the same time!
101 Ways to Make Friends:
Ideas and Conversation Starters
Jane Green
Friendship is a really important part of life…
and a tricky part! In a highly interactive
session, get ideas about friendship and network development. Explore what it means
to be a friend, to have a friend and practice
practical ways to start and support friendship(s) to blossom and grow.
Hair Style Tips and Do for the Adult
Hairdressing Program
Get a fresh hairstyle from a Selkirk hairdressing student. Get set for the Dance, and
learn to recreate the style at home.
Live Your Life with Passion
Lisa Norris
Living your life with passion takes courage
and the willingness to follow your heart.
Determining what you are most passionate
about is the first step. What do you love
to do? What makes your heart sing? What
do you do once you have discovered your
passion? The ‘Live Your Life With Passion’
workshop will help you to identify your
personal passions and will introduce you to
ideas for living your dreams!
Be Safer with You
Christine Schmidt & Cindy Cropley
Ever had that “feeling” that something or
someone was bad or not okay? Learn about
1) what that feeling means 2) How to embrace it and 3) how to effectively act on it.
Learn how to be safer with you.
Universal Design
Maureen Wideman
Part 1: Panel on barriers and avenues to
success for persons with disabilities
Part 2: Introduction to Universal Design for
Part 3: Take a good, hard look at the learning or support you provide. Do you make
material universally accessible? Through
this hands-on assessment of your approach,
learn how you can improve access and success for all students.