the PDF booklet


the PDF booklet
Custom made deck equipment
for Super Yacht
ACEBI Yacht Division
One supplier for all deck equipment
With a 40 years experience in yacht building, and
the construction of over 4000 ships, ACEBI is a
recognized specialist of SOLAS equipment.
Worldwide, the demand for greater yacht length
is increasing, and with it, quality and safety
In 2003, ACEBI supplied all the deck equipment
for the M/Y Dubaï (the biggest private yacht at the
time). Following this success, and other yacht
orders (Kogo, Heloval, SS Delphine), ACEBI has
structured his activity to offer the best for your
The ACEBI Yacht Division has a devoted team
specialized in the Luxury Yacht deck equipment
Your deck equipment requires to comply with the
highest quality standards.
ACEBI’s quality management system is certificated
ISO 9001:2000 since 1991 and regularly
All our equipment is tested in our factory with the
class certificates rules and inspectors.
ACEBI Yacht Division could be your unique supplier
for all your deck equipment needs like Lazarette
door, Accomodation ladder, Solas cranes, Davits,
Passerelle, Shell Doors , etc…
We will provide you with a solution tailored to your
needs for your deck equipment in steel, stainless
steel, aluminum or carbon, dealing directly with
you for a prompt and efficient service.
R&D – Engineering
You need efficient, reliable, long lasting, low
weight and low energy consumption solutions.
ACEBI strength in this field comes from its young
team of skilled engineers, working on CAD
systems such as Autocad and Solidworks 3D.
This allows us to find innovative solutions with
reactivity and efficiency.
Our experience is at your service: ACEBI has its
own production and assembling facilities for all
the steel and stainless steel equipment such as
cranes, davits, shell doors, telescopic mast
ACEBI also has a strong and lasting partnership
with subcontractors in aluminium made equipment, as well as in the electrical and hydraulic
marine fields.
ACEBI’s premises cover an area of 22 000m², of
which 3 000m² are buildings.
ACEBI is the leading company of a cluster of 3
companies providing new deck equipment in
carbon fiber under trade name “LYDEA”.