DM North Cape Turnaround Port



DM North Cape Turnaround Port
Quick and easy logistics
10 min transport
International airport
Europe - Northern Norway
123 km from the North Cape a turnaround port for
cruise ships is at the planning stage. The project is to be
completed in the spring of 2015. You will find practical
solutions by following the QR Code.
Show your interest in the project:
Rådhuset | 9712 Lakselv
+47 907 26 619
[email protected]
| Cover photo: Bjarne Riesto
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Photo: Øystein Enger
National park
Photo: Lisa Michelsen
Photo: www.larssp
Photo: Øystein Enger
Porsanger is the ideal place in
northern Norway to establish
a full-fledged turnaround port,
where airport and seaport
conditions are taken into consideration.
Photo: Jan Arne Jakob
Photo: Jan Arne Jakobsen
Amazing nature
Photo: Arnfinn Engen Nilsen
Photo: Stian Eliassen
International airport
When the vessel leaves the
North Cape you start your
journey into the world’s
northern­most archipe­lago. On
your way along the arctic fjords
you will experience a rich flora
and fauna on a myriad of small
islands, islets and reefs. In the
midst of nature’s diversity, a
dolomitic vein pops up creating
incredible formations and rare
plant life.
Porsanger is where it all comes
together. Sea, mountains, and
heath­lands combine and open
up possibilities for unique nature
and cultural experiences.
Midnight sun
During the summer
months, the midnight
sun shines over the
Porsangerfjord and
bathes the turnaround
seaport and airport in
a beautiful light.
Close to the airport
you may play golf on
the world’s northernmost links course.
Photo: Geir Olav Olsen