Increase your sales to the food and beverage


Increase your sales to the food and beverage
Location Turkey
Istanbul – Izmir
24 – 27 January 2016
Registration deadline
1st of November 2015
Increase your sales to the food
and beverage industry in Turkey
Danish food tech suppliers are invited to meet the opportunities in the
Turkish food and beverage industry. During this market visit you will
participate in group visits to local food / beverage production facilities and
celebrate individual meetings with potential customers and partners.
Planned activities
The market visit will take place primarily in the food production region
Izmir. The travel dates are 24 - 27 of January 2016.
The market visit will include:
 Pre-booked individual one-2-one meetings with potential business
partners / customers. Meetings are setup with local partner according
to your individual business profile and requirements.
2-3 group visits to see food production facilities, fx:
o Pinar Süt – dairy products; milk, butter, cheese, yoghurts…
Türk Tuborg (Carlsberg) or Anadolu Efes – beer breweries
Coca-Cola İçecek – sparkling and still beverages
Pinar Et - meat products; salami, sausage…
Kesimhane or Keskinoğlu - poultry meat production
Introduction to general how to and business culture in Turkey by the
Royal Danish Consulate General in Istanbul
General update on the food and beverage industry in Turkey by local
food associations/authorities.
Business case Food safety and hygiene in Turkish food industry by local
company - name tbc.
Your short-cut to quality suppliers
Heidi Ravn
Head of Danish Food Tech Group
Tel: +45 24 21 89 88
[email protected]
Price & Conditions
6 participating companies
12.500 dkr per company
max 2 persons per company
Why Turkey?
Turkish food and beverage producers are growing, optimizing and modernizing fast
to feed the demand of an increasing home market with higher standards. Turkey
aims to become top 5 global food producer and plans to increase the production by
140 % from 2012-2023 hitting a sector GNP of USD 150 billion.
Demand for especially dairy products (yoghurts, cheese and drinking milk), poultry,
functional food (baby milk, cereals), processed fruit and vegetables are increasing
and production facilities are continuously getting bigger and more advanced.
Turkish food producers are traditionally exporting to the Middle East and Northern
Africa, and now also investing in modernization of pro-duction facilities to meet EU
standards to be able to expand exports of their food products to the EU.
Turkey has made a serious effort to attract foreign investments, and many global
food and beverage producers have production facilities in Turkey, centrally based to
serve both Europe and the MENA region (fx. Coca Cola, Pepsico, Unilever, Ferrero,..).
Turkey is officially considered a growth market and house hold consumption has
increased 30 % the past 10 years. Population of 77 mio. – the middleclass accounts
for approx. 60 % and growing.
8 participating companies
9.500 dkr per company
max 2 persons per company
The price is excl. VAT and
includes subsidy. Prices do not
include board and lodging.
The price is based on 6
participating companies. In
case of fewer participants, we
will assess the situation and
make necessary adjustments to
the price and concept in
continue the project if possible.
The organisers reserve the
right to cancel the event if not
To register enter our website:
Deadline for registration: 1 November 2015
The Market visit is organised by Danish Food Tech Group and Food Network, Enterprise
Europe Network in Izmir and in cooperation with the Trade Council in Istanbul.
Please contact us for further information:
Heidi Ravn
Head of Danish Food Tech Group
Tel: +45 24 21 89 88
[email protected]
Kathrine Vejgaard Stage
Agro Business Park
Tel: +45 30 50 36 25
[email protected]
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