By Chester Fried


By Chester Fried
November-December 2014
Independent Voice of the Industry
By Chester Fried
Long-time roller skating enthusiast Chester Fried is the vice president and a founder of the The National Museum of Roller
Skating. We count on him at the Rinksider to help keep readers current.
Looked around to see if anyone
had seen me fall,
Not a person of the many showed
a care at all.
Pushed myself upon one knee,
then upon the other,
Tried to get my one foot free, stuck
too tight, “Oh, Brother!”
Finally, with great intent, got the
left one set,
Huffed and puffed and out it went,
again the floor I met.
Need the help of someone strong,
came a guard named “Danny,”
Helped me up, but not for long.
Plopped down on my F---y.
This recurrence was the trend, as
the evening wore,
Up again, and down, I end, sitting
on the floor.
Solved the whole darn problem
mates, got it from a friend,
Put another pair of skates on the
other end.
If you see me sitting down, please
don’t drop my rating,
Do not take me for a clown, “Look
at me, I’m skating!”
Stickers and patches
The old Doling Park rink in Springfield, Mo., has a nice rink sticker, and
the Montvale Skating Club in Montvale,
N.J., rink also had a nice patch. Stickers
and patches are fun to collect as well as
sell to session and club skaters.
Make more money NOW!
Harry Corson with a 30-year employee award from his beloved Holiday Skating
South Amboy Rollermagic event
draws large crowd
The South Amboy Rollermagic
rink in New Jersey held its annual Eight
Wheels, No Brakes Jam Skate on September 20-21. A few hundred skaters
attended this annual event. It was held
at two rinks. The pre party was at Roller
Jam in Staten Island, N.Y., and the main
event took place at South Amboy.
Goodbye to Harry Corson
Holiday Skating Center employee
Harry Corson has passed away at 99
years of age. Harry began working at
Rinksider_NOV_DEC_14.indd 20
Holiday, in Delanco, N.J., in 1969! He
was a floor guard and later worked in
the snack bar up until four years ago
when he won the New Jersey Lottery. But he still helped out at the rink
because of his love of roller skating.
Harry will be missed.
Look at me, I’m skating
Here is a nice poem about roller
skating, by Nick Lutz of the Twin City
Skating Club:
Put the skates upon my feet, took
a step or two,
Found myself upon my seat, wondered what to do.
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