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Report Description
Folate, also known as vitamin B9, is most noted for its role in supporting a healthy
pregnancy and fetal development. It is a synthetic folate compound used in vitamin
supplements and fortified food because of its increased stability. It is also find a major
application in the pharmaceutical industry, as a key ingredient to prevent anemia.
Globally, he leading producer of folate in the year 2014. Lured by increasing price of folic
acid, several players have announced their entry into the market. Most of the new
players, who are planning to enter the market, have either received environmental
clearance or have submitted their environmental impact statement. Prices are beginning
to climb down as a consequence of new starts.
Folate Market: Drivers & Restraints
Increased health awareness among consumer, is driving them for the consumption of
folate based products. Another key driver for the folate market is the increase in fertility
rate among women, especially in the Asia pacific region. Folic acid could be unsafe when
taken by mouth in large doses in a long-term. High doses of folate might cause abdominal
cramps, diarrhea, rash, sleep disorders, irritability, confusion, nausea, stomach upset,
behavior changes, skin reactions, seizures, gas, excitability, and other side effects. This
has led to government interference in the selling of folate based medicines in the open
market to prevent drug abuse.
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Report Description
Due to the rapid fall in the price of folates, the folate market has been witnessing the
entry of multiple new players. These new entrants have proven to be a major threats to
the big firms in the market. As more and more capacity comes online, prices are expected
to go down more rapidly in the near future.
Folate Market: Segmentation
The folate market can be segmented on the basis of source, application and end use. On
the basis of source, it can be further segmented into fruits, leafy vegetables, milk, and
others (whole wheat bread, sunflower seed, etc.). On the basis of application, the market
is segmented into food industry, pharmaceutical industry and neutraceuticals. On the
basis of end use, the folate market is segmented into baby foods, dietary supplements,
fortified foods, others.
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Folate Market: Region Wise Outlook
Geographically, the folatemarket is segmented into seven regions which are; North
America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Japan, Asia Pacific excluding
Japan (APEJ), and Middle East and Africa (MEA) and Japan. Among them, Asia pacific
region is the highest contributor to the global folate market. In terms of volume, China is
leader in the global folate market, with 80% of the market share in the global folate
Report Description
Folate Market: Key Players
Some of the key players across the value chain dominating this market are: Jiangxi
Tianxin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Jangxi Zhangle Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd, Anhui Shengda
Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Shangdong Hongzhi Biotechnology Co., Ltd, D.S. Lab, Lincoln
Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Bio-Med Pvt. Ltd, Synokem Pharmaceuticals Ltd , Glyco Labs,
Emcure Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Zydus Cadila Healthcare Ltd, Medicamen Biotech Ltd, etc.
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