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Composite Artistry - Norsk Orthoform Depot AS
Vi har gleden av å invitere til forelesning og hands on
FREDAG 20. og LØRDAG 21. mai.
Composite Artistry
By Dr. Jason Smithson
Han kalles « one of the best teacher of Composite resin in the world”. Hans CV
er lang, og Dr. Smithson har mottatt mange priser og utmerkelser . Med mer enn
1000 forelesninger og kurs, og flere publikasjoner er Dr. Jason Smithson en meget
verdsatt og populær foreleser, både i eget land og internasjonalt. Hans arbeidskurs
får høyeste karakter, og gir den almenpraktiserende tannlege en mengde kliniske
tips og teknikker. Tips som enkelt kan forbedre dine estetiske restaureringer på en
raskere og forutsigbar måte.
Anterior resin Artistry: A Simplified Approach
” Dr. Jason Smithson aims to unravel and de-
intuitive finishing protocols, which allow the
mystify consepts such as shade selection and
operator to produce highly, polished restorations,
micro and macro anatomy and pull them together
which mimic natural enamel. Handing class 3s, 4s
with a simple step by step protocol which includes
and 5s…simple, easy and predictable. How to layer
treatment planning, fee setting, diagnostics,
resin to create lifelike incisal halos and effects such
preparation, composite placement and finishing,
as crack lines and opacities.
allowing the average practitioner to acheive
outstanding results on a consistent basis ... time and
time again”.
What You Will Learn
And much, much more…
Hands-On Component
The practical class is a natural partner to the
Shade selection: demystify the science and use it
presentation: all aspects will be covered on
as a practical everyday tool. Translucency, opacity
typodont models in a user-friendly manner, which is
and opalescence: why all composite resin is not
applicable to the General Practitioner and Specialist
created equal. A simple, rapid, yet novel concept
alike. Dr Smithson throughout will carry out each
to make incisal edge shade and effects obvious
exercise in a stage-by-stage “Follow my Leader”
and effortless. How to quickly and inexpensively
fashion with close support.The approach is casual
fabricate diagnostic mock-ups and palatal silicone
and delegates are encouraged to ask questions as
indices to achieve precise incisal edge position.
they work.
Preparation design and instrumentation to realize
durable resin restorations, which have margins
Learning Objectives
invisible to the human eye. Opaque dentin shades:
The invisible class 4 restoration.
when and where to use them…and why. Simple,
Anterior Advanced - Direct Resin in the Anterior Dentition:
The ABCDE of approaching the Complex Case
Conventionally, discolored teeth and advanced
discolored and misaligned teeth with direct resin
wear cases are treated with indirect restorations:
in conjunction with simple short-term orthodontics
crowns and veneers. This approach is well based
and home whitening. A predictable approach to
in the literature and over time, has proven highly
reconstruct worn broken down teeth creating
successful, however, in some cases it may prove
functional occlusions with direct resin. To include
expensive in terms of overall cost, treatment times
increasing the vertical dimension and re-establishing
and most critically loss of tooth structure.
anterior guidance.
This Master class is designed to allow the
And much, much more…
experienced practitioner to confidently approach
more challenging anterior cases with direct resin
Practical class is a natural partner to the
in combination with simple orthodontic therapy,
presentation: all aspects will be covered on typodont
occlusal rehabilitation and bleaching where
models in a user-friendly manner, which is applicable
indicated. Align, Bleach, Composite Resin, Dahl-Type
to the General Practitioner and Specialist alike. Dr
Approach, Equilibration
Smithson throughout will carry out each exercise in
a stage-by-stage “Follow my Leader” fashion with
As simple as ABCDE
close support.
What You Will Learn
The approach is casual and delegates are
A simple approach to the direct resin veneer:
encouraged to ask questions as they work.
create masterpieces easily and predictably. Masking
discolored teeth with direct resin .How to handle
Learning Objectives
the peg lateral and microdont teeth. Functional
Discolored tooth.
smile design. How to handle complex cases such as
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