CROWD Omnibus Literary Tour starts from Finland on 2nd of May


CROWD Omnibus Literary Tour starts from Finland on 2nd of May
CROWD Omnibus Literary Tour starts from Finland on 2nd of May
What does contemporary European literature sound like? What is happening in Poland, Boznia &
Hertzegovina, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Italy or Cyprus?
Literary knows no borders, when eight European poets and prosaists tour in Finland from 2 nd of May til 7th
of May. The writers will host readings and meet people in schools, librarys, elderly homes and bars. The
omnibus tour is part of the big tour that circles around Europe for 12 weeks during the spring and
summer 2016. The tour starts from Helsinki and ends to Cyprus in the end of July. During the journey over
100 authors from 37 different countries will participate the events.
CROWD (CReating Other Ways of Dissemination) is an innovative and crucial key to Europe’s independent
literary scene. CROWD is a decentralised, self-governing, non-profit network facilitating exchange and
contact between nationally and internationally active authors, translators, event organisers, promoters,
cultural politicians, cultural administrations, etc. focused on contemporary literary trends. The project’s aim
is to connect independent literary workers in the grass root level.
The opening event of the tour will be located in Helsinki, at Koko-theatre, on the 2nd of May. The event will
be opened with the speech by the Finnish president Tarja Halonen. In the event literary will be
accompanied by music, video art and performance. The performers come from all corners of Europe. So the
evening will be full of bubbling of different European languages. Despite this, the performances will be
translated to Finnish, to make it easy to follow for everyone in the audience.
The network is coordinated by German literary organization Lettrétage and the other co-founder
organizations are Nuoren Voiman Liitto from Finland, Ideogramma from Cyprus and Forum Stadtpark from
Austria. Every one of the four partner organizations will host the tour for three weeks with 24 authors. The
Scandinavian part of the tour organized by Nuoren Voiman Liitto will circle through 6000 kilometers of
northern hemisphere to urban part of the Sweden and Denmark.
CROWD is launched with the support by European Union and the tour has also regional and local sponsors
from different countries. The northern tour is sponsored by Ministry of Education and Culture, Norden The Norther Culture Point and The Nordic Culture Fund.
The authors participating the tour in Finland are: Satu Taskinen (FIN), Andrea Inglese (IT), Marko Tomaš
(BA), Alev Adil (CY), Ricardo Domeneck (BRA), Fiston Mwanza Mujila (CG), Katarzyna Fetlińska (PL) ja
Peter Højrup (DK).
Schedule for the tour in Finland is following:
2.5. Helsinki - Opening party at Koko-theatre // Time: 18:00-23:00
3.5 Tampere - Reading at Kulttuuriravintola Telakka // Time: 18:00 // hosted by the author J.K. Ihalainen
4.5. Jyväskylä - Reading at Bar Vakiopaine // Time: 19:00 // hosted by the author Katariina Vuorinen
5.5. Hailuoto - reading at Eikanpirtti // Time: 16:00
6.5. Oulu - reading at Tuba Food & Lounge // Time: 19:00
7.5. Rovaniemi - Closing event of the week at Ravintola Kauppayhtiö // Time: 18:00
The readings will last from 2 to 3 hours except for the opening event.
More about CROWD
The 24th of April the CROWD application will be launched on our webpage and Facebook-site. The
application will be an easy way to follow the tour throughout the journey. You will find all the information
regarding the tour from the App including: author’s profiles, event locations etc.
More information
Executive director of Nuoren Voiman Liitto: Laura Serkosalo
[email protected]
puh. 044 207 4650