Sparbanksstiftelsen Kronans Scholarship 2016



Sparbanksstiftelsen Kronans Scholarship 2016
Take part and
900 000 SEK?
This autumn, Sparbanksstiftelsen Kronan will reward prominent degree theses from
Linnaeus University, Halmstad University and Blekinge Institute of Technology
with 900 000 SEK. You can be rewarded with 50 000 or 25 000 SEK. In extraordinary
cases rewards of 100 000 SEK can be given. If you present interesting results you have
a good chance of a Kronan scholarship.
For further information
Please get in contact with your head of
department, supervisor or Stiftelsen Kronan’s
contact person. The degree thesis can be either
at basic/undergraduate or advanced/master level
(at least 15 hp) and marked during the autumn
term of 2015 or the spring term of 2016 at one of
the selected institutes.
The work shall demonstrate
high level of creativity – new technology –
practical relevance – technical relevance
– business potential – entrepreneurship,
or highlight bene ts within the welfare,
healthcare or public sector.
Applications must be submitted to:
Pictures from Stiftelsen Kronan’s award ceremony in Halmstad 2015
[email protected]
You must submit:
1.The paper / thesis digitally, pdf
2.The application form
3.Certificate/testimonial from partner companies
and/or certificate / opinion from the supervisor
For questions, contact
Anders Svalin, [email protected]
Magnus Thureson, [email protected]

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