Welcome to Turkish Café Abu Dhabi Saraydan



Welcome to Turkish Café Abu Dhabi Saraydan
Welcome to Turkish Café Abu Dhabi Saraydan
Turkish Café Abu Dhabi Saraydan is pleased to welcome the food connoisseurs to savor the delicious
Turkish food prepared with love and affection by the chefs.
Ever tried an authentic Turkish Breakfast? Well the good news is you don’t have to travel all the way
because you can now experience it at Saraydan Breakfast Cafe in Abu Dhabi, the best Turkish café in
the whole country.
Centrally situated opposite Carrefour on level 2 we take pride in serving the clients with a Turkish Chef
and Turkish ingredients in the heart of the city. Our staff is interested in providing all means of comfort to
the clients so that an excellent and warm environment with the authentic cuisine is available for all.
The healthy breakfast is a combination of SIMIT OR ACMA SANDWICH, Kashar cheese and tomato,
White cheese, tomato and olive paste, Boiled egg, cucumber and olive paste
and Smoked salmon
and labneh and more. Our Saraydan Cocktail is a mix of orange, pomegranate, carrot, banana, strawberry
and apple and is very refreshing. You can also try coffee and hot beverages like Turkish Tea, Mint Tea,
Turkish Coffee and Latte/Turkish Latte .
Another specialty Turkish dish for breakfast offered by best café in Abu Dhabi Saraydan is the
wholesome and hearty, Mixed Panini prepared with Pastrami, Turkish sausage, pickles, tomatoes and
kashar cheese.
If you are more tempted by pastries, then check out our wide variety of pastries and desserts that the Chef
prepares daily with Turkish ingredients.
Another must-have at Saraydan Best Cafe Restaurant In Dubai is the ‘simit‘a circular bread with
sesame seeds on top or the ‘açma‘ that is shaped like a bagel and filled with vegetables like spinach.
Our Coffee Shop In Abu Dhabi Saraydan is popular for freshly baked cakes I including Raspberry Cake,
Strawberry Cake, Mixed Fruit Cake, Chocolate Cake, Banana Cake and Malaga Cake.
Saraydan makes for a lovely Turkish café for a relaxing bite to eat. The Turkish décor amidst modern
heritage makes an instant first impression, with a multihued color scheme and various artistic ottoman arts
mounted on the walls. Although pan fried eggs are a seemingly typical breakfast option, they are far from
ordinary. Served after frying in butter and served with Turkish bread. You can also enjoy your pan fried
eggs with these optional toppings such as Kashar Cheese, White Cheese, Turkish Sausage, Pastrami or
Luncheon Meat. Ours is a definitely a favorite breakfast destination for Turkish cuisine lovers.
For dessert after the coffee you can offer traditional Turkish delight or baklava. Your guests will be
grateful! Choose from among Cevizli Baklava, Walnut baklava and ice cream, Fistikli Baklava ,
Pistachio baklava and ice cream, Walnut roll baklava and ice cream, Baklava filled and served with cream
and Pistachio roll baklava and ice cream.
Saraydan Café
Situated opposite Carrefour on level 2
Opening Hours: 8:00 am – 11:30 pm (Sunday to Saturday)
[email protected] 00971 2 563 2133

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