Choose the best Gestion software for your requirements (1)



Choose the best Gestion software for your requirements (1)
Choose the best Gestion software for your
The SAT management software basically is an application which is appropriate for business
management through which you will be able to manage the programme gestion technical
service of the company, any kind of announcements of the assistance, technicians, interventions
vehicle, maintenance of the clients, etc.
However, you will not have any excuse to Manage your technical service efficiently and
assistance of the notices which are sent by the customers, control entire work that is carried out
and even the visits arising because of maintenance contracts. Having, Software gestion sat
online, offers in the single application for the important tools for the management of company's
business and for the department of technical service.
When you are searching for the SAT programs, ERP software is considered to be ideal and most
appropriate application which may adapt to any kind of business activity which requires to
control the entire service such as maintenance of the air conditioners, any kind of electrical
appliances, boilers, repair appliances and the machinery, hardware maintenance, software
maintenance, computer service and management of the scheduled visits.
Features of the software:
It Records entire jobs to get access from the computer having the complete access to the internet.
Diverse users levels as per the person that enter and the entry of any intermediate reviews
through the technicians with an ability for sending an email to the customer
You will receive various phone calls to also ask for the specific status of job as the client might
also see them by site, with lesser human resources as well as time for the task. It helps in the
great productivity, client satisfaction as well as the profitability
The client will also receive the updated status in queue or the one which are finished already so
they get removed from the list. The clients can also check the status of the account which is work
performed as well as the payments. The software also helps to enhance and to improve the level
of client satisfaction. Moreover, the clients can also create the own set of orders about their
SAT online software
The SAT Software online permits the technicians for SAT database by assigning the work and
any kind of troubleshooting from the mobile device having proper internet access. Such program
of SAT online environment considered to be quite simple to track the real time related to entire
speeches which are happening, hence enhancing both technical SAT service as well as
management of this company.
The software can be used from any specific terminal through the internet. It also streamlines
entire and proper coordination of the activities at various points. The SAT software is basically
designed to make simple use by every user, irrespective of the technical expertise which they
The proper Integration with the ERP market, SAT software is perfectly composed of the simple
as well as intuitive applications which permit to observe information from various parts of the
faults like interventions, etc.