Have you ever wondered why is it so hard to concentrate on homework



Have you ever wondered why is it so hard to concentrate on homework
Have you ever wondered why is it so hard to concentrate on
“It is already 7 pm and I have not yet finished my math assignment. How will I manage my
English homework which is due tomorrow? My favorite show will start at 9 pm. Will I be able to
finish all my homework by then?”- This is a common scenario in the life of a student. When
faced with such a situation, students find their concentration dwindling and they often ask this
question to themselves, “Why is it so hard toconcentrate on homework?” Well…the reason is,
you are stressed and you are not able to focus. Here, we will discuss about some easy ways
which will help the students in concentrating on homework:
If you are one such student who often asks the question- why is it so hard toconcentrate on
homework, leave all your work aside and devote your entire attention in reading the following
Avoid anxiety by finishing the work on time: It is natural that if you keep postponing
your work, it will pile up and the day you sit down to finish all your assignments, you will
be too anxious of not meeting the deadline and will not be able to focus on your work.
To get rid of this complicated situation, finish your work on time.
Be organized: Make a proper timetable. See to it that you are including all the subjects
in the timetable. Devote more time to those areas where you are weak.
Stay away from social networking sites while doing homework:
Multitasking is good but it does not mean that you check your phone and complete
assignments at the same time. For the time being, switch off your phone so that you are not
tempted to log into the social networking sites.
Take notes: If you are reading a topic, and you are finding yourself dozing off after every
five minutes, change your study location. Study while moving. Another idea which can
prove to be effective is scribbling small notes on the side of the paper after reading each
paragraph. This will keep your focused.
Reward yourself after finishing an assigned work: After you have finished a work which
you had assigned to yourself, reward yourself. This reward can be in the form of a
chocolate, a cookie or a five minute break to check your phone.
We hope now you are relaxed and the question- why is it so hard to concentrate on homework
is bothering you no longer. But, just in case, if you are still worried, here are some more points:
Do homework in a group: Inviting your friends for studying together is a good idea to get
rid of boredom. But when you are calling your friends for group study, make sure that
you make most of it. Do not waste time.
Listen to music without lyrics: Plugging in earphones helps to get rid of the unwanted
noise in the background but choose music without lyrics so that your attention does not
get swayed.
If you follow the above mentioned steps, you will be able to build a strong concentration power
and you will no longer find yourself pondering over the question- why is it so hard to
concentrate on homework?