Queens Auto Lease Inc


Queens Auto Lease Inc
Queens Auto Lease Inc
About Queens NY Car Leasing
Queens NY Car Leasing is a very different sort of car leasing company. There are a number of things that set us
apart from the rest, allowing us to offer you the lowest prices in Queens, incredible convenience, and customer
service you’ll love.
When it comes to prices, we’re able to save you a lot of money when you lease a car because of one simple
fact: we don’t have a physical car lot; our car lot is on the internet, in the virtual world, accessible any time of the
day, any day of the week. And because it’s in the virtual world, we’re not limited by a car lot’s size in terms of the
variety and number of vehicles we can offer.
How our having a virtual car lot saves you money is
like this: physical car lots cost money. There are the costs
of the property itself, property taxes, utility costs,
insurance costs, and the costs of keeping salesmen
employed. We just don’t have costs like that, and when we
save, you save as well. You save a lot!
Convenience You’ll Love
Another great thing about our having a virtual car lot is that it allows you to do all your car shopping from your
own home. Instead of having to drive to a car lot, you just kick back in your own place, turn on your computer, and
shop to your heart’s content. There will be no salesman following you around a car lot, rushing you along and into
making a decision that might not be right for you. And you can shop at any time of the day or night, any day of the
week. Bookmark cars that catch your eye and come back to them later for a closer look. Email them to the people
you care about so they can “go car shopping” with you and you can hear their opinions without having to line up
your schedules.
Variety and Service!
Yet another benefit of our having a virtual lot is that, well, physical car lots limit the variety and number of cars
a business can offer. You can only fit so many cars on a given 3D car lot. Our internet lot doesn’t have those
restrictions, and we work with directly just about any car manufacturer you can think of, so are able to offer you
pretty much any new car model you can think of.
While you shop at your own pace, without an annoying salesman following you around, we are there for you if
you do have questions. We’re a simple phone call away, ready to help when you need it.
We also walk you through financing, working hard, and directly with banks and lenders, to get you the best
deal possible. We aim for low interest rates, low monthly payments, and terms you’ll be happy with.
When it’s time for you to drive you new car, we’ll even bring it right to you – to your home, office, or wherever
else you’d like it delivered. You don’t have to worry at all about how you’ll go about picking it up.
Contact us
Web Address:
Queens Auto Lease Inc
766 60th Avenue
Maspeth, NY 11378
(347) 284-6767

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