Harley Street Hypnotherapist and Hypnotherapy


Harley Street Hypnotherapist and Hypnotherapy
Jas Bassi is a qualified therapist
giving Hydrotherapy treatment for
relationship, confidence, panic,
addictions and anxiety in London.
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Everything that one has experienced,
through sight, listening, feeling and all
the other senses that one occupies is
attached to some form of emotion
and each time we experience the
same reoccurrence, that emotion
once again triggers, which in turn
gives us that reaction that we once
experienced. In some it turns into a
habit and then everyone around us
perceives it to be our personality.
If you feel that there is something
that is stopping you from living your
life or stopping you from
experiencing your potential then this
may be the right time to develop an
understanding about yourself. Each
person at some point in their lives
goes through stressful, unsettling
situations, that can lead to those
memories being stored somewhere
within the person.
Hypnosis has been experienced by
every person daily, when one
drifts of into a semi brain wave
state that be mild hypnosis, as you
are accessing that part of the
brain that is the awareness. Its
more the brain accepting
suggested ideas, but also
challenging the brain to discover
its depths allowing the mind to
motivate the individual to make
changes in their lives.
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