10 Tips on Promoting EMS Week Activities


10 Tips on Promoting EMS Week Activities
10 Tips on Promoting EMS Week
Every day thousands of special events and occasions are
promoted through the press and social media in the US. But
all may not be considered noteworthy or as important as
National Emergency Medical Services. Below are some tips
for promoting your EMS week activities
1. Draft a press release – It should
include who, what, where, why and
how. If you have never written a press
release, you can find loads of sample
press releases on the internet.
2. Write a media advisory, if you are
doing a media event. Also include
date, time, special guests, location,
parking, contacts and “visuals.”
3. Create a media list – Ask your
chamber of commerce or your city
government offices for the latest PR
agencies list. Watch local television,
listen to the radio and read
newspapers to find reporters who you
think might like the
4. Send media information about
EMS Week in advance – usually 6
– 8 weeks in advance for
newspapers, 3 months for
magazines and 1-2 weeks for TV
and radio.
5. Create a Facebook page for
your event and ask your family
and friends to “like it.” Facebook
also has a “causes” section for
6. Request your local
politicians come to the event
or to support it with a
7. If you have a blog, then start
talking up your plans with ways
that people can participate.
Write a “10 Tips” blog on how to
observe the week or ways to
stay safe.
8. If you know any local
celebrity ask them to help
promote the week by speaking
to local media or making guest
appearances at events around
town handing out materials
about the week.
9. Draft a fact sheet about what
this week means and why people
should care. Put it in places
where people gather such as a
city hall and a library.
10. Get a booth or set up a table
at a local farmer’s market,
shopping center or wherever
crowds gather and tell people
about the week and what they
can do to help. Take some
photos of you and your team at
the event and send them to the
local newspaper to get some
coverage about www.tellemgrodypr.com
the importance
of EMS week.
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30745 Pacific Coast Highway, Ste. 243
Malibu, CA
Zip: 90265
PH: 310-313-3444

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