1-844-787-7041| How to fix network or Wi-Fi connectivity issue on Dell Laptop?



1-844-787-7041| How to fix network or Wi-Fi connectivity issue on Dell Laptop?
How to fix network or Wi-Fi connectivity
issue on Dell Laptop?
Dell Customer Care Number
Dell laptops are known for its’ quality and durability, but sometimes it is a possibility
that you can face error in it where you failed to connect the Wi-Fi connection to the
Dell laptops or failed to connect with any network. In this, there are few possibilities
which are required to check it out and need to remove those causes which are troubling
you in connecting the Wi-Fi or network connection. There are few solutions which are
required to rectify and in case you could not do that there is another way to resolve the
issue, Just Contact Dell laptop support where you will get the assistance from the
certified technicians to handle the issue with a hassle-free solution.
Process for resolving the wireless connectivity issue in Dell laptop and for that you
are required to follow the methods below1. In the first method you have first check to see it that if the Wi-Fi receiver is turned
on: if it is not then you have to turn it on by the use of the “Fn” +”dedic ated Key”
(here dedicated key is referring to the key on the keyboard which has the Wi-Fi
2. If the above method doesn’t click then you need to check the Wireless settings
by following the steps:
3. In the beginning, you have to just right click on the Network icon and after that
just go to the settings.
4. Now you have to right click on the wireless option and then you need to click on
the “Troubleshoot”
5. After the previous step, you should just wait for troubleshooting mechanism run
automatically. If everything went right then you will be able to find out the exact
cause of the problem.
6. Now in this method, you are required to check it that whether your Wi-Fi router is
working properly or not and if it does not then rectify the problem.
7. You have to ensure it that you entered the correct security password of the
As the process which is provided above, you will be required to follow the steps in it.
You are required to remember one thing that you have to follow each and every
instruction in a proper manner in order to resolve the error. There is a possibility that
you might face some error while following the instructions. In that case, you should not
worry as one more solution is there, just contact Dell Customer Support Number where
you will be helped by the qualified technicians without any delay.
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