How we spent our weekend at Keserwan


How we spent our weekend at Keserwan
How we spent our weekend at Keserwan!
Boutique Hotel Jounieh
When it is our holidays or when we are on our vacation, we never think twice before spending
money on our luxuries. So, when planning our holidays to Kesarwan, we finally decided to book
a Luxury Hotel In Keserwan. The hotel had all the amenities which could make our trip to be
lavish and luxurious.
During the trip after you have a long morning, there is so much of energy which is spent, hence
lunch became a necessity at Luxury Hotel In Adonis if we want to even continue for rest of the
48 hours. We enjoyed the mountaineer’s type of the lunch: Pierrade and also the self grilled
meat. Now, from the seashores, and also the mountains as well as now back down for the
adrenaline-filled. After having lunch at the Luxury Hotel In Jounieh, we planned for our next
assignment which was to win the race at the arena of Zouk’s karting. It was definitely hell of the
great amount of the fun. Two for each rounds, competing for podium which is on the slick tires,
thereby sliding all way.
Being a pause between the lunch, an adventure which followed as well as the tonight’s party at
the El Rancho, we also went together for the inspiring moment at the Helado. However, Helado,
what else, it is among the finest kind of the ice cream parlors in entire town. No doubt that it is
the is thrilled as well as the wonderful place. I need to tell you this that Maroun as well as Pierre
which were really generous that they actually didn’t wish us to pay for anything, but we also
insisted. How great it is to also meet many generous people that work for great passion. I am
also sure that the day when they received more than hundred posts on the social media.
Boutique Hotel Adonis is a wonderful hotel where you can have all of the luxury and can enjoy
to fullest. The entire day was basically supposed to be the end at El Rancho, the countryside
Indian village which is known to be. It will not be fair to write any kind of review related to the
El Rancho as I truly believe that you should not hear any kind of details from me, however, you
should also check it for yourself.
It is important to ensure that the planning is simple as well as proper and hence you will ensure
that you s not get stuck in any kind of the bad things or any kind of the bad arrangements which
you might not even like them. So, it is important to make the trip to be pleasant as well as most
thrilling you need to have the proper bookings done well in advance. So, you should do all the
planning well in advance which will make your trip to be wonderful as well as memorable.