Find the Most Amazing Myanmar Tours



Find the Most Amazing Myanmar Tours
Find the Most Amazing Myanmar Tours
Myanmar is a great country, with big history and every year attracts many travelers
from all over the world. It’s the peaceful land of golden pagoda, ancient cities, friendly
people and beautiful places. It’s a peaceful and religious place, which offers amazing
possibilities. Visitors can find various Myanmar tours, that can suited to fit their
preferences, such as the following.
Bagan Tour
By taking this tour, travelers can get the chance to explore some of the most amazing
temples in the area. They can see thousands of stupas and impressive pagodas stand in
the middle to green areas, as well as ancient temples that survive to present day.
Explore the Beautiful City of Yangon
Don’t miss the Yangon city tour, which is a beautiful city, with big roads, many green
areas, a lot of pagodas, temples and many monasteries. The streets of the city are filled
with various historical buildings, such as the post office, which is an amazing ancient
Visit Lake Inle
Travelers can get the opportunity to spend some days in this amazing Inle. They can stay
at the hotel by the lake and they can enjoy a day tour by a private boat on the lake. On
the lake, they can discover the Intha and Shan villages, which are located on the banks
of the river. They can see their handicrafts, their floating homes and gardens, as well as
some monasteries that are built on stilts on the lake Inle. Travelers can also visit the
most holy religious site in the Shan State and they can admire the Phaung Daw Ol
Visit the Lost City of Mrauk U
They can discover one of the ancient kingdoms of Myanmar by visiting the lovely city of
Mrauk U. It’s an ancient city, which is full of ruined temples and abandoned buildings.
The Lost City of Mrauk U was once an important trading area with links to other
countries, like India, Holland and Portugal.
Early in the morning, they can get up the hill of the city, in order to admire the beautiful
scenery around them. Or they can visit the local market to buy local products, like fresh
fish or fruits. Travelers can also get the chance to visit the ruins of the local Royal Palace
or they can also see the most important local monument; the Shitthaung temple, which
has a great collection of Arakanese Buddha images and reliefs.
While to Mrauk U, travelers can take an excursion to see some tribe villages. By taking a
boat along the Lamyro River, they can reach the remote Chin tribal village, where they
can see the women of this Chin village decorated with tattoos on their faces.
Travellers can also find various other tour programs in Myanmar, which is till today one
of the most undiscovered destinations in the world. Visit the to
get more information about various Myanmar tours.

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